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The Zoroastrian Occult Knowledge

Supplement No. 26

Various Types of "Druji" Hives of Invisible Microbes

For the preservation of Khoreh, personal magnetism or aura, a Zoroastrian has to protect himself from all kinds of "Druji", hives of invisible microbes. In our daily domestic life myriads of invisible harmful microbes are created during bath, partaking of meals, attending Nature's calls etc. Similarly, highly injurious microbes are created by "Druji-e-Hikhra", excreta of cut hair and nails, spit, urine, blood, pus etc; which also impair Khoreh, personal emanation by coming in friction by contact with "vayuupara- kairya", atmosphere. These microbes and evil "Khastar" electric force thereof, constantly produce in Nature insanitary effects (invisibly but explainable scientifically) by the head kept uncovered and by cut hair and nails thrown carelessly about (in the house).

Moreover, powerful insanitary toxins from such microbes and dangerous "Khastar" (magnetic currents) are generated during "Druji-e-Buji", menstruation, seminal discharges and during unnatural seminal discharges (by self-abuse) and very damaging influence is created on the spiritual as well as physical well-being by such Druji. Similarly harmful effects are created by 21 different types of Druji of which four are mentioned in Khordad Yt. 2, viz., "Daruji-e-Hashi", Daruji-e-Ghashi", "Darujie- Peshish" and "Daruji-e-Saeni" which are produced from the human lust etc. Again very powerful but harmful electric forces (Khastars) are produced from extremely subtle envelopment of myriads of microbes produced by clouds of evil thoughts, words and actions.

In order to neutralize harmful effects of all these, numerous respective Baj-rites-based on Nature's laws - for the protection of Khoreh have been enjoined in the Zoroastrian religion.

During the processes of alimentation at meals and when attending Nature's calls, and on other occasions, serious deterioration in our Khoreh is also wrought by invisible microbes naturally generated. Thus, for instance, the vibrations produced by the pronouncement of Avesta formulae of "Meal Baj" help digestion, while in the case of Nature's call, the Baj formulae said in whispering tone, protects our Khoreh and general well being by neutralizing the microbes and enveloping the material body like invisible citadel. The blood of the physical body must be kept unpolluted and of finer grade.

It will thus be understood that in Zoroastrian religion, "Druji", hives of invisible microbes created through numerous causes are neutralized by the observance of respective rites, accompanied with Avesta Baj formulae (said in whispering tone) connected with each. The rigorous observance of these rites makes a person holy for the sake of holiness (Ashim Ashai). In Gatha (Ysn. 46, 10), the holy Prophet promises to lead those across the Chinvat Bridge i.e. to Salvation, who are holy for the sake of holiness (Ashim Ashai), by the practice of such rites. (Condensed from pp. 44-47 "Ilm-i- Khshnum Series No.1" published by the Master).

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