A Manual of Khshnoom

The Zoroastrian Occult Knowledge

by Phiroz Nasarvanji Tavaria | 1971 | 160,667 words

An introduction to the mysteries of Khshnoom, an ancient occult movement. Khshnoom stands for 'Divine' or 'Spiritual' knowledge and originated from Zarathushtra. This book contains knowledge not to be found in Zoroastrian religious works. The second part contains documentaion of the life of Prophet Zarathushtra....

Supplement No. 22

'kar Mahi' the All-seeing Fish (Potentiality)

The 'fish' 'Kar Mahi' says the allegory, swims in the Zareh Vourukasha, the inconceivably huge expanse at the top of the Space, where super ethereal waves are generated, and hence allegorically called a sea. It is called 'Mahi' to suit the allegory of the Zareh above mentioned. It (Kar Mahi) is the potentiality that has all-pervading eye. It can reach every soul in the Nisti, the evanescent world, and is cognizant of every atom of the countless physical bodies, which (atom) it will cause to turn into light one day.

Souls in their original state were, up to the lowest heaven of the Moon in the planetary world, lights with deficiency of divine knowledge, which deficiency is the source of all Evil. The characteristic of these souls was repulsion, and not attraction. So Kar Mahi causes them to be bifurcated into sexes and to be invested with physical bodies, whereby worldly sexattraction is created in them. From this worldlv sex-love the souls would in the long run turn to divine love. So the souls are imprisoned in the physical body, and thrown in worldly life with all attractions of sensuous enjoyments.

On earth after the age of five or so the soul is heavily veiled with the Veil of Darkness, on account of which it knows not where it came from and why, and so is attracted to all kinds of worldly pleasures, which it mistakes for true happiness. After death the Veil of Darkness disappears, and on the dawn of the fourth day a Zoroastrian soul goes to the sky (Thwasha, Vd. 19,13), sees the sorry picture of the past evil life on earth, and it shudders. On the sky the soul develops its Rae, inward divine knowledge, and after a certain time comes back to the earth, because it cannot proceed to the higher paradisiacal regions on account of the grossness of its past wicked life on earth.

Thus the sinful soul finds no felicitous asylum either in the sky above or on the earth below, between which two it keeps shuttling up and down till wisdom dawns as the result of severe condign punishments, and it (soul) changes its line of life from vice to virtue, from which time onwards begins for that soul the governance of Ahura-data, the deified law of Un-foldment of Spirit from Matter. Hence such automatic shuttling between the sky and the earth over and over again, till Drvao, evil clung to the soul is transmuted into Gao, blissfulness as of the kine, is referred to in Avesta as 'Thwasha khadata' (Vd. 19,13) literally meaning 'automatic' (runs) between 'sky' (and earth).

As shown above by the potentiality of Kar Mahi, souls are invested with physical bodies, composed of countless atoms. These atoms of the physical body, on account of the functions of the 16 Chakhras of Kehrp within, will be transmuted into Gao, good constituents, which in the end will turn into light by virtue of the soul's holy living, and that light will be absorbed in the light of the soul itself Such is some idea of the potentiality of Kar Mahi.

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