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Latest articles for Theravada (major branch of Buddhism) [page 1] including new additions and casual updates to existing pages. The purpose of this sitemap is to collect all links related to Theravada books, scriptures or compilations and prioritize the most recent updates.

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Dipavamsa (study) [...] Chapter 2c
Update, 06 January, 2021: The Dīpavaṃsa narrates that after the end of the first one hundred year and... »»

Vidhura Jataka (nr. 548) [...] Translation of the Vidhura Jataka
Update, 30 September, 2020: ONE day, when the disciples were discussing the various forms of wisdom pec... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Anumodana
Update, 26 September, 2020: May the Punna (goodness) from pointing to this Dhamma and from printing it ... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 30: The Way of Happiness
Update, 26 September, 2020: Happy is the birth of Buddhas, Happy, True Dhamma's Teaching, Happy, the Sa... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 29: Resplendent does the Buddha Shine
Update, 26 September, 2020: The sun is bright by day The moon lights up the night, Armored shines the w... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 28: Visakha Puja (Wesak)
Update, 26 September, 2020: 'Foremost am I in the world Supreme am I in the world, Most excellent am I ... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 27: Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma-Sambuddhassa
Update, 26 September, 2020: 'Homage to the Exalted One, of true worth, Perfectly Enlightened by himself... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 26: The Incomparable Wheel of Dhamma
Update, 26 September, 2020: 'The incomparable Wheel of Dhamma is turned by the Blessed One at Isipatana... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 25: Nature
Update, 26 September, 2020: Whatever has the nature to arise, all that has the nature to cease. (S. LVI... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 24: Certainly the Dhamma Protects the Dhamma-Practitioner
Update, 26 September, 2020: Certainly the Dhamma protects the Dhamma-practitioner, Dhamma well practice... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 23: From Endeavor Wisdom Springs
Update, 26 September, 2020: From endeavor wisdom springs, from lack of it does wisdom wane: Having know... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 22: Contemplating Beauty and Contemplating Foulness
Update, 26 September, 2020: One who lives contemplating beauty, With faculties of sense unrestrained, W... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 21: Contemptible Craving Hard to Cross
Update, 26 September, 2020: Who in this world does overcome Contemptible craving hard to cross, From hi... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 20: Who are not Heedless
Update, 26 September, 2020: Who are not heedless, they Dig up the root of suffering By day and night gi... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 19: May All Being Be Happy
Update, 26 September, 2020: Happy and secure may they be! All being may they be happy-hearted. (Khp. 8)... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 18: The Way To Make Peace
Update, 26 September, 2020: Not by enmity at any time Are those with enmity allayed: They are allayed b... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 17: Five Topics for Recollection every Day
Update, 26 September, 2020: Natural is disease, natural decay, Natural for us to be subject unto death,... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 16: Death
Update, 26 September, 2020: All kinds of beings surely come to death, They have always died will always... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 15: The Four Noble Truths
Update, 26 September, 2020: Dukkha, dukkha's causal arising And the overcoming of dukkha, And the Noble... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 14: Inviting Admonition and Receiving Forgiveness
Update, 26 September, 2020: Should one a man of wisdom see Who points out faults and gives reproof, As ... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 13: The Rain of Lust
Update, 26 September, 2020: Even as rain penetrates a house that's badly thatched, So likewise lust pen... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 12: The Ill-directed and the Well-directed Minds
Update, 26 September, 2020: Whatever harm a foe may do to foe Or hater unto one he hates, The ill-direc... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 11: Mind Is Chief
Update, 26 September, 2020: Dhammas are forerun by mind, Mind is chief, mind-made are they; If with a c... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 10: The Middle Practice-Path Discovered by the Tathagata
Update, 26 September, 2020: 'What is that Middle Practice-path discovered by the Tathagata, giving visi... »»

Pointing to Dhamma [...] Sermon 1: False and True Refuges
Update, 26 September, 2020: Many are they who seek a refuge On the hills and in the woods. To groves th... »»

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