The history of Andhra country (1000 AD - 1500 AD)

by Yashoda Devi | 1933 | 138,355 words

This book recounts the History of the Andhra Pradesh Country from 1000 to 1500 A.D. including many dynasties (for example. the Reddis of Korukonda and the Eruva Chola of Rajahmundry)....

Part 5 - Later and other Kayasthas

Some records show that Tripurari, son of Ambadeva, was ruling in A.D. 1304 with his capital at Pamurupattana. Tradition says that in, course of time, Tripurari became powerful, and refused the payment of tribute to Prataparudra. So, Prataparudra started at the head of a large army, and besieged Gandikota where Tripurari with his supporters set up the standard of revolt and had taken his stand. The Kakatiyas subjugated the Kayasthas. Maharaya Pattasaljni Somayamayaka was appointed by Prataparudra to govern these tracts. Somaya’s records are found from A.D. 1307. So Tripurari’s rebellion must have occurred after A.D. 1304 and prior, to 1309. About A.D. 1314 Juttayalenka Gonka Reddi was appointed to the rulership of Gandikota, Muhkmadu etc. Gonka’s titles in his Chennur inscription of that year are brahmarakshasa, Ghardikotavibhava, Voddiyadisapatta, Sevunadhatta-Vibhala, and Malldevanitalagonduganda. Most of these titles are borne by the Kayasthas and hence Juttaya Lenka Gonka Reddi after defeating Ambadeva assumed them as his own. The titles referring to the Sevunas and Gandikota might refer to his victory over Ambadeva and Tripurari at Gandikota, where the yadavas probably came to their help.

A record at Chennuru gives the titles of a gondapendara of a Brahmarakshasa family. In a record at Darsi dated A.D. 1313 a Potaya Sahini is mentioned. In a record at Panem dated AD, 1319, Mummudi Pottaya, a feudatory of Prataparudra bore the epithet, Brahmarakshasa. A record at Tripurantakam wit date doubtful, mention some birudas., gandapendara etc. Sana of the generals of Prataparudra, thus bore, some of the Kayastha titles.

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