The history of Andhra country (1000 AD - 1500 AD)

by Yashoda Devi | 1933 | 138,355 words

This book recounts the History of the Andhra Pradesh Country from 1000 to 1500 A.D. including many dynasties (for example. the Reddis of Korukonda and the Eruva Chola of Rajahmundry)....

Part 25 - Bhimadeva and Siddhyadeval (A.D. 126?)

Bhimadeva had the titles—lord of Ranchi, of Bharadvajagotra and Kadambaraya. His son was Brahmarakshasa Siddhayadeva Maharaja. The only date available for Bhima and Siddhaya is A.D. 1281. Siddharthi. The relationship of Bhima to his predecessor Khanderaya is not known.

The regime to these Pallava king—Bhima and Siddhaya—was of some political importance, The Kakatiya kings at the time was Ganapati with whom Bhima ond Siddhaya were on terms of alliance. Recorded tradition says that Brahmarakshasa Siddhaya and his father marched at the head of a large army and halted at Somasila—20 milles east of Siddhavatam, when Jannigadeva Maharaja, the Kayasthas subordinates of the Kakatiyas joined them. They fought against the enemy—who is not mentioned and a victory was won by the Pallavas and Janniga. In this Bhimaya, father of Siddhaya lost his life for in A.D. 1261 Siddhaya set up a victory pillar at Pinnalur fDuvur taluq). An inscription records that he gave several varietties to Bhimayalingam, which was set up by Siddhaya in Janniga’s reign, in the name of his father who died on the day of victory ot Somasila.

Probably the enemies vanquished in the battle were t he Telugu cholas of Nellore—Manmasiddhi III and his sons Tikka II and Manmagandagopala. The date of the battle A,D. 1961—supports this, and it has been suggested that probably Katamarajukatha alias Erragaddapatipatalata—in which a battle at Somasila is described has some connection with this battle. Perhaps Janniga of the Kayasthas and the Pallavas-Bhima and Siddhaya supported Katamaraju against his overlord Mamnasiddha III alias Nallasiddha III and vanquished him

Bhima and Siddhaya seem to have recognised Kakatiya suzerainty under Rudrama, Some of the rulers in other kingdoms in this period were Ganapati and Bhima IV and Ganapama of the Kotas, Abhideva Mallideva and Vijayaganda gopala of the Pallavas and so forth with whom, however, Bhima and Siddhaya do not seem to have come into conflict.

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