The history of Andhra country (1000 AD - 1500 AD)

by Yashoda Devi | 1933 | 138,355 words

This book recounts the History of the Andhra Pradesh Country from 1000 to 1500 A.D. including many dynasties (for example. the Reddis of Korukonda and the Eruva Chola of Rajahmundry)....

Part 41 - The Chalukyas of Vengi Nidadavole

A branch of the Chalukyas exercised sway over a portion of the west Godavari district, with capitals at Nidadavole, Vengi, Tolevu and Todikalapudi for two centuries from the 12th to the 14th century A.D. The names of the capitals, in records, are prefixed to the names of the kings. Like the earlier Chalukyas of Vengi, these chalukyas claimed to belong to Somavamsa, Manavyasagotra and lineage of Harita. They acknowledged the suzerainty of the Chalukyas of Pithapur and the Kakatiyas and contracted alliances of marriage with the latter and the Kona Haihayas of Konamandala.

Origin and rise of the dynasty

Records of these Chalukyas and those of the Chalukyas of Pithapur, the Kona Haihayas of Konamandala and references in Sivayogasava by Adiganapatideva from the sources for the history of the kingdom.

The descent of the family is as follows:—Brahma was bora from the naval lotus of Vishnu. His son was Atri and to Atri was born Moon. Budha was born to Moon and to him.Pururava chakravarti. In the lineage ofPururava was bora king Vengisvara.

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