The history of Andhra country (1000 AD - 1500 AD)

by Yashoda Devi | 1933 | 138,355 words

This book recounts the History of the Andhra Pradesh Country from 1000 to 1500 A.D. including many dynasties (for example. the Reddis of Korukonda and the Eruva Chola of Rajahmundry)....

Part 18 - The Kotas of Tadikonda

Some Kota chief were found ruling about Tadikonda. Their relationship to the Kotas at Khanyaka, and Yenamanataka dala is not known. But as they bore the usual Kota epithers, they undoubtedly belonged to the same stock as the other kotas. The earliest mention of the kotas of Tadikonda is in A.D. 1176. A record of that year gives the genealogy of some chiefs in the fourth caste. Manmapota was the first rulur of this line. After his death, his wife Pandambika succeeded to-the kingdom.

From an inscription at Tadikonda dated A.D. 1261,Vennaladevamma is known. At kota Vennamadevi bearing the epithets-the lord of Dhanyakataka and worshipper of the lotus feet of Amresvara is mentioned in a mutilatedinscription at Tadikonda. One may agree with the epigraphist when he says “if the latter were identical with the former this lady chief will have to be connected with the time of the Kakatiya Ganapati. What her position with reference to the royal family is not known.”

Vennaladevi and her descendants ruled in a portion of the 'Kota kingdom with capital at Tadikonda. An untated epigraph at Tadikonda records that Prorraju and Bayyaraju, the grandsons of Venmamadevi were ruling. These chiefs called themselves the lords of Ohanaykatakapura and worshippers of God Amaresvara. The record also mentions Pinakommaraju, the son of Prorraju and Annaladeva, the son of Perraju.

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