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Part 12 - Devaraja and Mummadiraja (A.D. 1268)

Sons of Ganapati, Devaraja and mummadiraja succeeded Bhima IV on the Kota throne and seem to have ruled together. Their only record is from Kollur dated A.D. 1268 mentioning grants by mahamandalesvara Devaraja and Mummadiraja for the merit of the father Kota Ganapati devaraja. The upper limit of the reign cannot be fixed for want of data. The statement that “if Ganapati had been alive at the time of the gift, the period of his rule would be extended to s 1190” cannot stand for it is certain that Ganapati was succeded by Bhima IV and Bhima by Mummadi and Deva. Deva and Mummadi appear to have been the last among the rulers of the main branch, as no sons and successors of them are heard of. And it is likely that the Kota territories came under the Kakatiya rule.