Middle Chola Temples

by S. R. Balasubrahmanyam | 1975 | 141,178 words

This volume of Chola Temples covers Rajaraja I to Kulottunga I in the timeframe A.D. 985-1070. The Cholas of Southern India left a remarkable stamp in the history of Indian architecture and sculpture. Besides that, the Chola dynasty was a successful ruling dynasty even conquering overseas regions....

Solapuram is now a small place adjoining Vellore, the headquarters of North Arcot district. There are some ruined temples here.

Rajarajisvaram (Siva temple)

On the base of the local ruined Siva temple, there are a number of inscriptions relating to the Middle and Later Chola periods. The earliest inscription relates to the twenty-seventh year of Rajaraja I, but it is unfortunately incomplete. However it mentions the name of the village where the temple is situated as Uyyakkondan-Solapuram in Vadakkil Vangamugai nadu in the district of Pangala nadu in Jayangondasola mandalam, and refers to some merchants presumably making donations to the temple (ARE 421 of 1902; SII, VIII, 7). There is also an inscription dated in the sixth year of Rajendra I. In an inscription dated in the twenty-fourth regnal year of Koluttunga I, the deity is called the Mahadevar of Uyyakkondan-Solapuram (ARE 425 of 1902). In another inscription dated in his thirty-second year, we get the name of the temple as Rajarajisvaram said to be located in Uyyakkondan-Solapuram in Vadakkil Vangamugai nadu, a subdivision of Pangala nadu; it relates to a gift for a lamp (ARE 423 of 1902; SII, VIII, 8).

The ancient name of this village was Kattuttumbur, and after the conquest of this region by the Cholas, it was rechristened Uyyakkondan-Solapuram after a surname of Rajaraja I; the ruined Siva temple at Solapuram was a foundation of the days of Rajaraja I and named Rajarajisvaram after him (see Early Chola Art I, p. 18, and also Early Chola Temples, pp. 89-91).

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