Later Chola Temples

by S. R. Balasubrahmanyam | 1979 | 143,852 words

This volume of Chola Temples covers Kulottunga I to Rajendra III in the timeframe A.D. 1070-1280. The Cholas of Southern India left a remarkable stamp in the history of Indian architecture and sculpture. Besides that, the Chola dynasty was a successful ruling dynasty even conquering overseas regions....

Appendix: Timeline of Vikrama Chola’s contributions

1. 2 nd year: (Saka 1042, a.d. 1120) Sugatur, Mysore dist., Karnataka. Erection of Sotnesvara temple by Udaya marttanda Brahma xnarayan and gift of land after consecration of the image (ARE 175 of 1911; Epi. Car; X, Sd. 9)

2. 2 nd year: Tirup pugalur, Tanjavur dist. Tevur udaiyan Velan Manattuk-kiniyan alias Viratarajan established at Tiruppugalur a combined hospital (atular salai) and matha on the northern bank of the Mudikonda solap peraru for the benefit of the sick and the destitute. Mentions the meeting place of the sabka as Naralokaviran mandapa (ARE 97 of 1928).

3. 2nd year: Tiruvaduturai, Tanjavur dist. Remission of taxes on temple-lands by the sabha of Abhayasraya chaturvedimangalam meeting in the temple of Mani ambalam udaiyar (ARE 157 of 1925).

4. 2nd year: Tiruvaduturai, Tanjavur dist. Remission of taxes by the sabka of Pandiyanai ven-konda Chola chaturvedimangalam meeting in the temple of Virarajendra vinnagar Alvar on a gift of land as madappuram (ARE 158 of 1925).

5. 3rd year: Perumukkal, South Arcot dist. Construction of the Mukhya Achalesvara temple by Kakku-Nayakan alias Kanakarayan (ARE 40 of 1905).

6. 3rd year: Tiruvaduturai, Tanjavur dist. Gift of two velis of land by Pavalak-kunru Periyal, maid-servant (pendatti) of Queen Mukkokkilan Adigal at Gangaikondasolapuram to the temple of Manga-lesvaram udaiya Mahadevar at Kulottungasola nallur (ARE 69 of 1926).

7. 4th year: Tiruvidaimarudur, Tanjavur dist. Royal order of a gift of ten velis of land to Kulottunga solisvaram udaiya Mahadevar set up at Mangalakkudi by Svamidevar Srikantha Siva for the merit of the king (ARE 301 of 1907).

8. 4th year: Tiruvilakkudi, Tanjavur dist. Remission of taxes for lands bought from the temple of Tiruvaduturai for founding a temple to Tiruk Kedara Lingam by Alaga Vitankan Uyyavandan alias Jnana Sivar of Pundi, a tapasvin (ARE 144 of 1926).

9. 4th year: Tukkachchi, Tanjavur dist. Gift of tax-free land by the sabha of Vijayarajendra chaturvedimangalam to Ten Tirukkalatti Mahadevar at Kulottungasola nallur for the recitation of Tiruppadiyam (ARE 6 of 1918).

10. 5th year: Tiruvaduturai, Tanjavur dist. On payment of 261/2 kasusy the sabha of Tirukkadavur at a meeting in the Tiruch chirram-bala Velaikkaran tirumandapam in the temple of Kalakala devar made some temple-lands kasu-kolla-iraiyili (ARE 60 of 1926).

II. 6th year: Madhurantakam, Chengalpattu dist. Sale of land for a temple called Arulakara Isvaram to be built with a mandapa, tiruch-chunu-maligai, eduttuk-katti and a tiru~nandavanam. (ARE 128 of 1896; BII, V, 993).

12. 6th year: Tillaiyadi, Tanjavur dist. Royal gift for meeting the expenses of offerings during the ardkayama service called Vikramasolan sandhi in the Tillaiyali Isvaram Udaiyar temple (ARE 239 of 1925).

13. 6th year: Tribhuvani, Pondichery. Gift of land for a temple-site, a hall and a flower-garden to Arulakara Isvaram Udaiyar set up in the fifth year by Arumbakkilan Ponnambalakkuttan of Manavil (Naralokaviran) for the prosperity of the king and the village. Records the orders of the mahasabha of Tribhuvana Mahadevi chaturvedimangalam. (ARE 175 of 1919).

14. 9th year: Gudimallam, North Arcot dist. Rebuilding of the stone temple of Parasuramesvara and gift of land for offerings by Narana-devan Pudolarasan alias Vikramasola Karuppurudaiyan, for the merit of his father (ARE 2 1 2 of 1903; SII, vii, 511).

15. 10th year: Bechirak-madivala, Mysore dist., Karnataka. Construction of a vimana (ARE 467 of 1911; E.C., X, Sp. 61).

16. 11th year: Vayalur, North Arcot dist. Gift of a village as devadana by the residents of Uttamasola valanadu to God Ammai Vinnagar tiru-virrirunda Alvar and Consort set up in Tiruvedi-malai at Vayalur by Sengeni Sambagarajan Nalayiravan Ammaiyappan alias Rajendra-solach chambaga rajan of Munnurruppalli in appreciation of his meritorious acts such as founding villages and constructing temples and tanks (ARE 422 of 1922).

17. 12th year: Aduturai, Tanjavur dist. One Tiruch-chirrambalam udaiyar constructed maligai and gopuram. (ARE 16 of 1913).

18. 12th year: Tirumanikkuli, South Arcot dist. Gift of land to Vikrama Cho-lisvaram Udaiyar set up by the king himself at Tirumanikkuli (ARE 163 of 1902; SII, VII, 788).

19. 12th year: Tirunaraiyur, Tanjavur dist. Gift of land by Scmbiyan Madevip Pirattiyar for offerings to the Pidari shrine at Tirunaraiyur (Is it the re-engraving of an old gift?) (ARE 174 of 1908; ARE 1909, II, 46).

20. 14th year: Kalahasti, Chittoor dist., A.P. Installation and provision for offerings to Aludaiyar Ten-Kailasam Udaiyar (ARE 85 of 1922).

21. 14th year: Tiruch (chattu?) chorrut turai, Tanjavur dist. Gift of land for tiruppalli-eluchi by the nagarattar living in the street called Vikrama-solap perunderu at Ayirattaii alias Ven-kanda-solapuram (ARE 194 of 1931).

22. 15th year: Siddhalingamadam, South Arcot dist. Gift of land to the shrine of the goddess by Alavandal, daughter of Malaiyaman Nanur-ruvan Malaiyan alias Rajendrasola Chediyarayan of Kiiiyur, and wife of Malaiyaman Raman Surriyan atias Rajendrasola Malaiya-kula rajan of the same village. The shrine was built by her mother, Niraitavanjeydal (ARE 401 of 1909).

23. 17th year: (Saka 1054, a.d. 1135) Nidubrolu, Krishna dist., A.P. Maraya Panda, the dandadhipa, and matula of Velananti Gopka, built at Ikshupalli a fine temple to Siva and gave lands for worship and lamps (ARE 163 of 1897; SII, VI, 123).

24. no regnal year: Tirukkodikkaval, Tanjavur dist. Tirukkotisvaram is called Tyagasamudram (ARE 49 of 1931); on the east wall, outside the first prakara, is an inscription referring to 'Svasti sri Vikrama-solan tirumaligai '(ARE 56 of 1931).

25. no regnal year: Tirumalam, Tanjavur dist. A prakara wall built by Vikrama Chola is called after his name (ARE 99 of 1910).

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