Later Chola Temples

by S. R. Balasubrahmanyam | 1979 | 143,852 words

This volume of Chola Temples covers Kulottunga I to Rajendra III in the timeframe A.D. 1070-1280. The Cholas of Southern India left a remarkable stamp in the history of Indian architecture and sculpture. Besides that, the Chola dynasty was a successful ruling dynasty even conquering overseas regions....

Appendix: Temples or parts thereof built and miscellaneous facts

1. 15th year:
Konerirajapuram, Tanjavur dist. Uma Mahesvara temple. Stone temple of Chandesvara built by Tittai Vilumiyan alias Pillai Adiyar (ARE 658 of 1909).

2. 16th year:
Udaiyarkoyil, a hamlet of Tiruch-chirai, Tanjavur dist. The sabha of Sri Bhuti chaturvedimangalam met in the temple of Kulottunga sola Vinnagar and decided on substituting gifts of land turned bad by good ones (ARE 399 of 1902). ^

3. 22nd year:
Kuhur, Tanjavur dist. Tiru mambalam udaiya Mahadevar temple. The stone temple was built by Madam udaiyar Varaguna tondar, whose figure is sculpted above the inscription (ARE 298 of 1917); land-gift to the same (ARE 297 of 1917).

4. 30th year:
Melappaluvur, Tiruchi dist. Sundaresvara temple. Construction of the stone-temple by Vanakovaraiyan.... Uttamasolan alias Ilangesvaran for the prosperity of the king (ARE 392 of 1924).

5. 30th year:

180th day: Cholapuram, Kanyakumari, Nagarkoil dist. Rajendra Solesvaram built by Kulottungasola Kerala rayan at Kottaru alias Mummudisola Nallur, and the king’s gift of land to it (ARE 31 of 18%; SII, III, 73).

6. 32nd year:
Marudadu alias Vikramasola nallur, North Arcot dist. The king's title is given as “Sungam tavirttu irul nikki ulaganda Mentions the name of the temple architect: “ivvur kanit tachchan Ganavadi Marudadu nattup perurt tachchan” (ARE 408 of 1912).

7. 32nd year:
Sivapuri, Ramanathapuram dist. (Pandya desa). Nambi Vitankan alias Kulottunga sola tayilar Peraraiyan of Seya-mangalam constructed the first and second tiers of the mandapa of the temple of Tirut tan tonri isvaram udaiyar at Sola marttanda chaturvedimangalam (ARE 16 of 1929).

8. 33rd year:
Draksharama, East Godavari dist., A.P. A number of birudas of the king are mentioned. So is the name Pallavaraya Karunakara Tondaiman, son of Siri Ilango of Mandalanjeri in Tirunaraiyur nadu (Chola desa). His personal name was Tiruvarangan. He was also called Vanduva raja and Sad-vaishnava. He is said to have destroyed Kalinga, conquered the Gangas in battle, humbled Devendra varman and others with the aid of the Kosala army and planted a pillar of victory for Rajendra Chola on the frontiers of Odra desa (Orissa).

9. 34th year:
Agara, Mysore dist., Karnataka, From his palace at Kanchi, the king ordered the setting up of an image of Durga (M. A.R., 1917, pp. 42 - 44).

10. 34th and 35th years:
Narasingapuram, Chengalpattu dist. A shrine for Rama, Sita and Lakshmana was set up and consecrated at Madhurantaka(nallur)-vinnagar (ARE 249 and 244 of 1910).

11. 38th year:
Nidur, Tanjavur dist. A stone-temple to Siva and Parvati was set up by Kandan Madhavan, the vel of Milalai-nadu (ARE 534 & 535 of 1921, Epig. Ind. XVIII, No. 8).

12. 40th year:
Tiruvaigavur, Tanjavur dist. Erection of stone temple to replace the old brick structure dedicated to Tiru vaiga udaiya Mahadevar by Suriyan Pavalakkunranar (ARE 51 of 1914).

13. 43rd year:
Tiruvalanjuli, Tanjavur dist. Adamangalam udaiyan Orriyuran Bhupalan Karunakaran built the Tirupparikala mandapa (ARE 621-A of 1902; SII, VIII, 219).

14. 44th year:
Chidambaram, South Arcot dist. Gilding of the Tillai managar koyil by the king’s younger sister Rajarajan Kundavaiyar (ARE 119 of 1888 and Epig. Ind., V, p. 105).

15. 45th year:
(Saka 1037, a.d. 1115), Bhimavaram, East Godavari dist., A.P. Gift of lamp by Madhava alias Rajavallabha Pallavarayan, minister of Parantaka I to the Narayana Perumal temple founded by Vaisya Mandaya (ARE 473 of 1893, Epig. Ind., VI, pp. 219-223).

16. 45th year:
Kannambadi, Mysore dist., Karnataka. Fragmentary inscription. Two temples built to Kannesvara. (ARE 494 of 1911, Epig. Carn., IV, Kr. 34).

17. 46th year:
(Saka 1038, a.d. 1116), Draksharama, East Godavari dist., A.P. (Chalukya) Parantaka set up images of Siva and Parvati and gave them gifts of villages.

18. 46th year:
Nidur, Tanjavur dist. In verse form, copy also at Chidambaram. Mentions (1) construction in the 38th year of the king, of the stone temple of Nidur Nilavinar by Kandan Madhavan, the vel of Milalai nadu and the ruler of Kulattur of the Karigai of Amitasagara, and (2) construction of the temple of Sonnavaru-arivar and a hall for expounding the Puranas (Puranal ml virikkum purisai maligai) (ARE 535 of 1921).

19. 46th year:
Tiruvaduturai, Tanjavur dist. An endowment (ten kasus)

by Rajadhirajan alias Rajendrasola Anantapalan to meet the taxes on the land intended to provide mantra-ponakam (sacred food offerings) to the Tiruch chirrambalam udaiyar (Nataraja) in the temple. There was provision for the maintenance of singers and dancers in the norm vida nataka salai (hall for the performance of different modes of dancing) (ARE 152 of 1925).

20. 47th year:
Jambukesvaram, Tiruchi dist. Sale of land by the temple to Villavarayan to provide for offerings to the images of Rishabhavahana devar and Parvad set up by him (ARE 31 of 1891;SII, III, 76).

21. 43th year:
Elavanasur, South Arcot dist. The sabka of Iraiyanariyur alias Sola-kerala chaturvedimangaiam carried out an order to sell some lands for paying the kadamai due from two absconding accountants of the village. The sale was for the benefit of the Palliyarai Nam-pirattiyar set up by.Ponnambalak Kuttan Arumbakkilan, i.e., Naralokaviran (ARE 164 of 1906).

22. 48th year:
Kovilangulam, Ramanathapuram dist. (Pandya desa.) Erection of the sri-vimana, a mandapa and a stone image of Jina and the metallic images of the God and Yakshi and a well for the use of the public—now all in ruins (ARE 397 of 1914),

23. 49th year:
Kallaperumbur, Tanjavur dist. The temple of Sri Kailayam alias Sri Kulottungasola Isvaram at Rajasundarj chaturvedimangaiam was endowed with land as madappuram (ARE 582 of 1904).

24. no regnal year:
Melappaluvur, Tiruchi dist. The original temple of brick and in a neglected condition, without worship, was rebuilt of stone with gopuras and prakaras by Ilangesvaran and renamed Kulottunga Cholisvaram. (Note: This temple needs a closer study of its evolution). (ARE 393 of 1924).

25. no regnal year:
Siddhalingamadam, South Arcot dist,
1) A Sanskrit verse by Andapillai Bhattan of Tirukkovalur records that this temple was renovated by Manavil Adhi-pati Sabhanartaka Kalingaraja (i.e., Naralokaviran) (ARE 367 of 1909).
2) Saka 1025 (a.d. 1103) Mentions (details such as) the snvimana, prakara and areca garden of the temple (ARE 369 of 1909; ARE for 1928, Pt. II, 10).

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