Buddhist records of the Western world (Xuanzang)

by Samuel Beal | 1884 | 224,928 words | ISBN-10: 8120811070

This is the English translation of the travel records of Xuanzang (or, Hiuen Tsiang): a Chinese Buddhist monk who traveled to India during the seventh century. This book recounts his documents his visit to India and neighboring countries, and reflects the condition of those countries during his time, including temples, culture, traditions and fest...

Chapter 12 - Country of U-she-yen-na (Ujjayini)

Note: Ujjayanī or Ujjayinī is properly the capital of Avanti in Mālava, the capital of Tiastanes (Chashtana), the Oznênê of Ptolemy (lib. vii. c. i. 63) and the Peripl. Mar. æryth. (c. xlviii.) Bohlen, Alte Ind., vol. i. p. 94

This country is about 6000 li in circuit: the capital is some 30 li round. The produce and manners of the people are like those of the country of Surāṣṭra. The population is dense and the establishments wealthy. There are several tens of convents, but they are mostly in ruins; some three or five are preserved. There are some 300 priests; they study the doctrines both of the Great and the Little Vehicle. There are several tens of Deva temples, occupied by sectaries of various kinds. The king belongs to the Brāhmaṇ caste. He is well versed in heretical books, and believes not in the true law.

Not far from the city is a stūpa; this is the place where Aśoka-rāja made the hell (of punishment).

Going north-east from this 1000 li or so, we come to the kingdom of Chi-ki-to.

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