Buddhist records of the Western world (Xuanzang)

by Samuel Beal | 1884 | 224,928 words | ISBN-10: 8120811070

This is the English translation of the travel records of Xuanzang (or, Hiuen Tsiang): a Chinese Buddhist monk who traveled to India during the seventh century. This book recounts his documents his visit to India and neighboring countries, and reflects the condition of those countries during his time, including temples, culture, traditions and fest...

Chapter 9 - Country of ’O-nan-t’o-pu-lo (Anandapura)

This country is about 2000 li in circuit, the capital about 20. The population is dense; the establishments rich. There is no chief ruler, but it is an appanage of Mālava.[1] The produce, climate, and literature and laws are the same as those of Mālava. There are some ten saṅghārāmas with less than 1000 priests; they study the Little Vehicle of the Sammatīya school. There are several tens of Deva temples, and sectaries of different kinds frequent them.

Going west from Valabhī 500 li or so, we come to the country of Su-la-ch'a (Surāṣṭra).

Footnotes and references:


See Ind. Ant., vol. vii.; Ar. Sur. W. Ind., vol. ii. p. 83.

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