Yakuti Ras (Swarna - Moti Keshar Ambar Yukta)

Topic: Ayurveda

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Detailled product description:

Net contents. 10 Tab.
Ayurvedic Medicine - (Siddhayog Sanghra) Manikya Pisti, Panna, Mukta, Panna, Mukta,
Pravala, Kahasuba, Candradaya, Svarna Varka, Ambra, Kasturi, Abaresama,
Kesara each 9.26 mg. Behamana Sapheda, Behamana lala, Jayaphala curma,
Lavanga, Marica curma 4.63 mg.
Bhawana –Gulaba Arka, Q.S. for Mardana Starch, Lactose, Gum Acacia Talcum – Q.S.
Approx wt. of each tablet 125mg. To be taken under medical supervision.
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