Irimedadi Tail (Oil for Toothache, Dental Caries, Bleeding Gums and Foul Smell from Mouth)

Topic: Ayurveda

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Detailled product description:

Arimeda chaal, Lavanga, Gairika, Agara, Padmaka, Manjistha, Lodhra, Yasti,
Lakh, Vata chaal, Musta, Tvak, Jatiphala, Karpura, Kankola, Khadira,
Khadira kastha, Dhatki, Ela, Naga Kesara and Katohaa each 80 mg.
Decoction: Arimeda chall 32 mg, Murchit Tila Taila 10 ml.
Effective in dental diseases.
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