Baby Powder

Topic: Ayurveda

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Detailled product description:

Refreshes and Cools the Skin. Keeps Baby Soft and Dry.
Khus-Khus- Mildness Tested for Baby Skin
A gentle formulation that keeps baby fresh, cool and happy. Enriched with the cooling extracts
of Khus-Khus that refreshes the skin and Yashada Bhasma, which keeps the skin dry and smooth.
Prevents body odour. Stops excess sweating. Sprinkle on liberally after baby’s bath, nappy change and before
Ayurvedic proprietary medicine.
For external use only.
Hypoallergenic. No harmful chemicals.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Natural herbal formulations tend to change colour over time.
However, the product efficacy remains unchanged. Yashada Bhasma (Zinc calx) 25mg.
Oils Jaitun (Olea europaea) 1.5mg, Ushira (Vetiveria zizanioides) 0.1mg. Vatada (Prunus
amygdalus) 0.1mg.
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