The Philosophy and Religion of Sri Chaitanya

author: O.B.L Kapoor
edition: 2008, Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
pages: 258
language: English
ISBN-10: 8121502756
ISBN-13: 9788121502757
Topic: Vaishnavism

Summary: The "Philosophy and Religion of Sri Chaitanya" is a comprehensive, critical and comparative study of all aspects of the philosophy and religion of Shri-Caitanya (Sri Chaitanya). The first three chapters deal with the history of the Vaishnava religion dating from the earliest Vedic period and Vaishnavism in ancient Bengal. The rest of the chapters discuss the philosophy and religion the Chaitanya movement. Importance is given to the concept of Bhakti—the highest means of attaining God, Prema—divine love and Rasa—The doctrine of transcendental relish.

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This is a comprehensive, critical and comparative study of all aspects of the philosophy and religion of Sri Caitanya. In the first three chapter the history of the Vaisnava religion is traced from the earliest Vedic period to pre-Caitanya Vaisnavism in Bengal and some controversies regarding the life of Sri Caitanya and the Sampradaya or the sect to which he belongs are set at rest. In the succeeding chapters the problems of philosophy and religion are discussed in detail. It is shown how Sri Caitanya breathes a new spirit into philosophy and religion by transcending the narrow and mutually conflicting 'isms' and dogmas and reconciling them in a higher synthesis by menas of the concept of the absolute as bhagavan and doctrine of Acintyabhedabheda or inconceivable identity-in-difference. The importance of bhakti as the exclusive means of attaining God is His highest and sweetest from is stressed. Prema or divine love is distinguished from eroticism and established as the highest end. The doctrine of rasa or transcendental relish is explained and Parakiya rasa is established as the highest rasa.

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the The Philosophy and Religion of Sri Chaitanya in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Pre-Caitanya Vaisnavism [link]
Early History of Vaisnavism [link]
The Four Vaisnava Sampradayas (Sects) [link]
Pre-Caitanya Vaisnavism in Bengal [link]
The life of Sri Caitanya [link]
Birth Divinity [link]
The Naughty Boy [link]
The Student [link]
The Householder [link]
Initiation and the Upsurge of Divine Love [link]
The Leader of Vaisnavas [link]
Samkirtana [link]
Samnyasa [link]
Journey to Puri and the Conversion of Sarvabhauma [link]
Travel in South India and the Meeting with Ramananda [link]
The Conversion of Prataparudra [link]
Pilgrimage to Vrndavana [link]
The Last Days in Puri and the Mysterious Passing Away [link]
The Sampradaya of Sri Caitanya [link]
Affiliation with Madhva [link]
Affiliation with Samkara [link]
Materials for the Philosophy of Sri Caitanya [link]
The Works of the Six Gosvamis [link]
The Biographises [link]
Source of Knowledge [link]
Vaidusa Pratyaksa (Mystical Cogniton) [link]
Sabda (Revelation) [link]
Srimad-bhagavata [link]
Nature of the Absolute [link]
The Nirvisesa (Unqualified) Brahman [link]
The Absolute as both Savisesa (Qualified) and Nirisesa (Unqualified) [link]
The inconceivable Power of Brahman to Reconcile the Irreconcilable [link]
The Concept of the Absolute as Bhagavan [link]
Brahman, Paramatman and Bhagavan [link]
The Saktis of Bhagavan [link]
Bhagavan Krsna [link]
The Infinite Partial Manifestation of Krsna [link]
The Dhaman (Celestial Abode) of Krsna [link]
The Parikaras (Retinue) of Krsna [link]
The Lila (Beatific Sports ) of Krsna [link]
Krsna as Rasa [link]
The Madhurya (Sweetness) of Sri Krsna [link]
The Manner and Purpose of Krsna's Appearance on Earth [link]
Jiva - The Finite Self [link]
Mukti - Freedom from Bondage [link]
The Ultimate End [link]
The Phenomenal World [link]
The Doctrine of Maya [link]
The Process of Creation [link]
Sakti-Parinamavada [link]
The Doctrine of Acintya-bhedabheda [link]
Acintya-bhedabheda and the of Samkara [link]
Acintya-bhedabheda and Visistadvaita of Ramanuja [link]
Acintya-bhedabheda Svabhavika-bhedabheda of Nimbarka [link]
Acintya-bhedabheda and Bhedavada of Madhva [link]
Acintya-bhedabheda and Suddhaviata of Vallabhacarya [link]
Bhakti, the Means [link]
Bhakti, Jnana, Karman and Yoga [link]
The Nature (Svarupa-laksana) of Bhakti [link]
The Effects of Bhakti [link]
Sadhana-Bhakti [link]
Ritualistic (Vaidhi) and Spontaneous (Raganua Bhakti) [link]
Priti, the End [link]
Stages in the Development of Priti [link]
Higher Stages in Priti [link]
Sthayl Bhava (Basic Emotions) [link]
Rasa or Transcendental Relish [link]
Madhura-rasa and Eroticism [link]
Parakiya Rasa [link]

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