Mandala Deities in the Nispannayogavali

author: Musashi Tachikawa
edition: 2016, Vajra Books, Nepal
pages: 150
ISBN-10: 9937623545
ISBN-13: 9789937623544
Topic: Tibetan-buddhism



This chapter describes the structure of the Navatmakabuddhakapalamandala and the deities found therein. Chapter 10 is located on 44 in the book Mandala Deities in the Nispannayogavali compiled by Musashi Tachikawa, Makiko Ito, Takeshi Kameyama. The Nispannayogavali is an 11th century Sanskrit written by Abhayakaragupta (an abbot of the Vikramasila Monastery). It became popular in Nepal, Tibet and India and contains mandalas whose deities are found scattered throughout the Kathmandu Valley.

This book (describing the navatmakabuddhakapala-mandala) also contains illustrations done by Gautam Ratna Vajracarya as well as English translation of relevant passages from the Nispannayogavali (Nishpannayogavali). Since the Nispannayogavali has been used as one of the most basic sources for Buddhist iconography, this book is useful for researchers of that particular field of study.

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