Mandala Deities in the Nispannayogavali

author: Musashi Tachikawa
edition: 2016, Vajra Books, Nepal
pages: 150
language: English
ISBN-10: 9937623545
ISBN-13: 9789937623544
Topic: Tibetan-buddhism

Summary: This work details on the structure of mandalas and the deities found therein, as represented in the Nispannayogavali, an 11th century Sanskrit work that became the standard reference work in Nepal, Tibet and India. This book contains the details on twenty-six popular mandalas whose deities are found scattered throughout the Kathmandu Valley in the form of paintings and sculptures.

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Abhayakaragupta (11 th-12th cent.), who was an abbot of the Vikramasila Monastery in India, compiled a survey of the structure of mandalas. This work, called the Nispannayogavali (NPY, Garland of Completed Yogas), describes briefly the deities of each of the twenty-six mandalas considered to be popular at that time. It has become a standard reference work on mandalas in India, Tibet and Nepal. In the Kathmandu Valley, this work has been used as one of the most basic sources for Buddhist iconography.

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Mandala Deities in the Nispannayogavali in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Manjuvajramandala [link]
Pindikramoktamandala [link]
Srisamputatantroktavajrasattvamandala [link]
Jnanadakinimandala [link]
Saptadasatmakahevajramandala [link]
Nairatmyamandala [link]
Vajramrtamandala [link]
Navatmakaherukacatustayamandala [link]
Mahamayamandala [link]
Navatmakabuddhakapalamandala [link]
Vajrahumkaramandala [link]
Samvaramandala [link]
Pancavimsatyatmakabuddhakapalamandala [link]
Yogambraramandala [link]
Yamarimandala [link]
Vajrataramandala [link]
Maricimandala [link]
Pancaraksamandala [link]
Vajradhatumandala [link]
Tricatvarimasadatmakamanjuvajramandala [link]
Dharmadhatuvagisvaramandala [link]
Durgatiparisodhanamandala [link]
Bhutadamaramandala [link]
Pancadakamandala [link]
Satacakravartimandala [link]
Kalacakramandala [link]

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