Text Book of Rasa Sastra

author: K. Rama Chandra Reddy
edition: 2010, Chaukhambha Sanskrit Bhawan
pages: 618
language: English
ISBN-13: 9788189986414
Topic: Rasashastra

Summary: This book deals with Rasa Sastra (ancient Indian medicinal alchemy) and contains a collection of scientific articles based on the principles of Rasasastra. It contains Sanskrit text of ancient literature, as well as modern English scientific documentation.

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We are happy to bring out the English version of Text Book of Rasa Sastra. This book is a boon for Ayurvedic Graduates as well as post graduates of Ayurveda. The book mainly deals with Rasa Sastra and covers the Syllabus of B.A.M.S. and M.D. Course out lined in the papers Rasa Sastra of the Central Council for Indian Medicine (C.C.I.M).
The basic fundamentals of Rasa Sastra are explained with scientific explanation in a nice manner in this book, apart from this, the book also gives the relevant modern pharmaceutical information and Dr. Reddy tried to bring the more practical aspects of Rasa Sastra with scientific explanation.
The English version of this book will add new dimension to the popularity and the scope of this branch of knowledge in the era.

Available pages:

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Text Book of Rasa Sastra in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

History of Rasashastra (1): Caraka Samhita [link]
History of Rasashastra (2): Susruta Samhita [link]
History of Rasashastra (3): Astanga Sangraha and Astanga Hrdaya [link]
History of Rasashastra (4): Harsacarita [link]
History of Rasashastra (5): Arthashastra [link]
History of Rasashastra (6): Kubjika-tantra [link]
History of Rasashastra (7): Rasendramangala [link]
History of Rasashastra (8): Kaksaputa and Rasahrdaya [link]
History of Rasashastra (9): Goraksasamhita [link]
History of Rasashastra (10): Rasendracudamani [link]
History of Rasashastra (11): Rasarnava [link]
History of Rasashastra (12): Rasapaddhati [link]
History of Rasashastra (13): Ananda kanda [link]
History of Rasashastra (14): Rasaratna Samuchchaya [link]
History of Rasashastra (15): Resendracintamani [link]
History of Rasashastra (16): Rasaprakasasudhakara [link]
History of Rasashastra (17): Rasaratnakara [link]
History of Rasashastra (18): Rasasara [link]
History of Rasashastra (19): Ayurveda Prakasa [link]
History of Rasashastra (20): Dhaturatna mala [link]
History of Rasashastra (21): Sarva darsana sangraha [link]
History of Rasashastra (22): Rsendra Sara Sangraha [link]
History of Rasashastra (23): Rasarajalaksmi [link]
History of Rasashastra (24): Lohasarvaswa [link]
History of Rasashastra (25): Rasacintamani [link]
History of Rasashastra (26): Rasa ratna pradipa [link]
History of Rasashastra (27): Rasakamadhenu [link]
History of Rasashastra (28): Rasapradipa [link]
History of Rasashastra (29): Rasakaumudi [link]
History of Rasashastra (30): Todarananda [link]
History of Rasashastra (31): Rasa sanketa kalika [link]
History of Rasashastra (32): Rasa pradipa [link]
History of Rasashastra (33): Bhava prakasa [link]
History of Rasashastra (34): Dhatu kriya or Dhatu manjari [link]
History of Rasashastra (35): Brhadyogatarangini and Yogatarangini [link]
History of Rasashastra (36): Yogaratnakara [link]
History of Rasashastra (37): Basavarajiyam [link]
History of Rasashastra (38): Bhaisajyaratnavali [link]
History of Rasashastra (39): Brhat rasaraja sundara [link]
History of Rasashastra (40): Rasatarangini [link]
History of Rasashastra (41): Rasamrtam [link]
History of Rasashastra (42): Rasajalanidhi [link]
History of Rasashastra (43): History of Hindu Chemistry [link]
History of Rasashastra (44): Parada Vignaniyam [link]
History of Rasashastra (45): Cikitsa kalika [link]
History of Rasashastra (46): Rasayogasagar [link]
History of Rasashastra (47): Bharatiya Rasashastra [link]
History of Rasashastra (48): Different Books related to Rasashastra [link]
History of Rasashastra (49): Importance of Rasausadhi [link]
History of Rasashastra (50): Mercury0cause for liberation [link]
History of Rasashastra (51): Rasayana [link]
History of Rasashastra (52): Rasa Siddhas mentioned in Rasa Ratna Samucchaya [link]
History of Rasashastra (53): Nagarjuna [link]
History of Rasashastra (54): Siddha system of South India [link]
History of Rasashastra (55): Pakashastra [link]
Paribhasa (1): Dhanvantari Bhaga [link]
Paribhasa (2): Rudra bhaga [link]
Paribhasa (3): Rasapanka [link]
Paribhasa (4): Rasapisti [link]
Paribhasa (5): Pisti [link]
Paribhasa (6): Patana Pisti [link]
Paribhasa (7): Swarna Roupya Krsti [link]
Paribhasa (8): Characteristics of best Krsti [link]
Paribhasa (9): Bhavana [link]
Paribhasa (10): Avapa [link]
Paribhasa (11): Nirvapa [link]
Paribhasa (12): Varaloha [link]
Paribhasa (13): Hemarakti [link]
Paribhasa (14): Tararakti [link]
Paribhasa (15): Candradala [link]
Paribhasa (16): Analadala [link]
Paribhasa (17): Sulbanaga [link]
Paribhasa (18): Pinjari [link]
Paribhasa (19): Candrarka [link]
Paribhasa (20): Nirvapana [link]
Paribhasa (21): Sodhana [link]
Paribhasa (22): Amritkarana [link]
Paribhasa (23): Marana [link]
Paribhasa (24): Varitara bhasma [link]
Paribhasa (25): Rekhapurna bhasma [link]
Paribhasa (26): Apunarbhava bhasma [link]
Paribhasa (27): Uttama bhasma [link]
Paribhasa (28): Niruttha bhasma [link]
Paribhasa (29): Mrtaloha [link]
Paribhasa (30): Bija [link]
Paribhasa (31): Tadana [link]
Paribhasa (32): Dhanyabhraka [link]
Paribhasa (33): Satva [link]
Paribhasa (34): Eka Kolisa [link]
Paribhasa (35): Kokila [link]
Paribhasa (36): Hingulakrsta Parada [link]
Paribhasa (37): Ghosakrsta Tamra [link]
Paribhasa (38): Varanaga [link]
Paribhasa (39): Utthapana [link]
Paribhasa (40): Dhalana [link]
Paribhasa (41): Nagasambhuta Capala [link]
Paribhasa (42): Vangasamabhuta capala [link]
Paribhasa (43): Dhouta [link]
Paribhasa (44): Dvandvana [link]
Paribhasa (45): Anuvarna [link]
Paribhasa (46): Bhanjani [link]
Paribhasa (47): Patangi [link]
Paribhasa (48): Cullika [link]
Paribhasa (49): Patangi Raga [link]
Paribhasa (50): Avapa [link]
Paribhasa (51): Abhiseka [link]
Paribhasa (52): Nirvapa [link]
Paribhasa (53): Suddhavarta [link]
Paribhasa (54): Bijavartha [link]
Paribhasa (55): Swangasita - Bahisita [link]
Paribhasa (56): Dravakagana [link]
Paribhasa (57): Mitrapancaka [link]
Paribhasa (58): Triphala [link]
Paribhasa (59): Trikatu [link]
Paribhasa (60): Ksara Dravya [link]
Paribhasa (61): Ksara Traya [link]
Paribhasa (62): Ksara Pancaka [link]
Paribhasa (63): Ksarastaka [link]
Paribhasa (64): Mutrastaka [link]
Paribhasa (65): Amla Varga [link]
Paribhasa (66): Amla pancake [link]
Paribhasa (67): Panca Tikta [link]
Paribhasa (68): Panca Mrttika [link]
Paribhasa (69): Madhura Traya [link]
Paribhasa (70): Pancamrta [link]
Paribhasa (71): Panca Gavya [link]
Paribhasa (72): Ksira Traya [link]
Paribhasa (73): Dudgha Varga [link]
Paribhasa (74): Taila Varga [link]
Paribhasa (75): Govara [link]
Yantra (1): Ausadha Nirmanasala (Rasasala) and Yantras [link]
Yantra (2): Construction [link]
Yantra (3): Equipments and raw drugs [link]
Yantra (4): Pharmacy assistants [link]
Yantra (5): Teacher of Rasa Shastra [link]
Yantra (6): Unsuitable students [link]
Yantra (7): Physicians for Rasasala [link]
Yantra (8): Amrta Hasta Vaidya [link]
Yantra (9): Yantra Nirukti [link]
Yantra (10): Definition of Yantra [link]
Yantra (11): Dola Yantra [link]
Yantra (12): Swedani Yantra [link]
Yantra (13): Urdhwa Patana Yantra [link]
Yantra (14): Adhah Patana Yantra [link]
Yantra (15): Tiryak Patana Yantra [link]
Yantra (16): Kachchapa Yantra [link]
Yantra (17): Vidyadhara Yantra [link]
Yantra (18): Valuka Yantra [link]
Yantra (19): Description of Valuka Yantra [link]
Yantra (20): Valuka Yantra currently in use [link]
Yantra (21): Modification in the Kupipaka Method [link]
Yantra (22): Lavana Yantra [link]
Yantra (23): Nalika Yantra [link]
Yantra (24): Bhudhara Yantra [link]
Yantra (25): Palika Yantra [link]
Yantra (26): Ghata Yantra [link]
Yantra (27): Damaru Yantra [link]
Yantra (28): Sthali Yantra [link]
Yantra (29): Patala Yantra (93) Khalva Yantra [link]
Yantra (30): Varieties of Khalva [link]
Yantra (31): Ardhacandra (Semicircular) Khalva [link]
Yantra (32): Vartula [link]
Yantra (33): Tapta Khalva [link]
Yantra (34): Kanduka Yantra [link]
Yantra (35): Dipika Yantra [link]
Yantra (36): Deki Yantra [link]
Yantra (37): Jarana Yantra [link]
Yantra (38): Somanala Yantra [link]
Yantra (39): Garbha Yantra [link]
Yantra (40): Hamsapaka Yantra [link]
Yantra (41): Valabhi Yantra [link]
Yantra (42): Istika Yantra [link]
Yantra (43): Hingulakrsti Vidyadhara Yantra [link]
Yantra (44): Nabhi Yantra [link]
Yantra (45): Grasta Yantra [link]
Yantra (46): Dhupa Yantra [link]
Yantra (47): Dhupa Dravya [link]
Yantra (48): Plan of Pharmacy [link]
Yantra (49): Importance of Size Reduction [link]
Yantra (50): Surface area [link]
Yantra (51): Effect of absorption [link]
Yantra (52): Effect on viscosity [link]
Yantra (53): Extraction [link]
Yantra (54): Mixing [link]
Yantra (55): Appearance [link]
Yantra (56): Mechanisms of grinding machines [link]
Yantra (57): Disintegrator [link]
Yantra (58): Cutter Mill [link]
Yantra (59): Roller Mill [link]
Yantra (60): Hammer Mill [link]
Yantra (61): End Runner Mill [link]
Yantra (62): Capsule Filling Machine [link]
Yantra (63): Automatic Capsule Filling Machine [link]
Yantra (64): Loading of empty capsules [link]
Yantra (65): Filling the capsules [link]
Yantra (66): Closing of capsules [link]
Yantra (67): Rotary Tablet Machine [link]
Yantra (68): Coating Pan [link]
Yantra (69): Monsanto Hardness Tester [link]
Yantra (70): Pfizer Tablet Hardness Tester [link]
Yantra (71): Tablet Disintegration Apparatus [link]
Yantra (72): Simple Distillation Apparatus [link]
Yantra (73): Simple Distillation [link]
Yantra (74): Soxhlet Apparatus [link]
Yantra (75): Hot-Air Oven [link]
Musa (1): Kosthi and Puta (12 [link]
Musa (2): Musa [link]
Musa (3): Krauncika [link]
Musa (4): Karahatika [link]
Musa (5): Kumudi [link]
Musa (6): Pacini [link]
Musa (7): Vahnimitra [link]
Musa (8): Material Needed for Making Musa [link]
Musa (9): Vajra Musa [link]
Musa (10): Gara Musa [link]
Musa (11): Vara Musa [link]
Musa (12): Vajra Dravan Musa [link]
Musa (13): Varna Musa [link]
Musa (14): Andha Musa [link]
Musa (15): Raupya Musa [link]
Musa (16): Bhasma Musa [link]
Musa (17): Yoga Musa [link]
Musa (18): Prakasa Musa [link]
Musa (19): Pakwa Musa [link]
Musa (20): Gola Musa [link]
Musa (21): Maha Musa [link]
Musa (22): Manduka (Manjusa) Musa [link]
Musa (23): Musal Musa [link]
Musa (24): Dirgha Musa [link]
Musa (25): Garbha Musa [link]
Musa (26): Suska Musa [link]
Musa (27): Prakata Musa [link]
Musa (28): Samanya Musa [link]
Musa (29): Gostani Musa [link]
Musa (30): Malla Musa [link]
Musa (31): Vrntaka Musa [link]
Musa (32): Toya Mrttika [link]
Musa (33): Vahni Mrttika [link]
Musa (34): Kosthi [link]
Musa (35): Angara Kosthi [link]
Musa (36): Patala Kosthi [link]
Musa (37): Gara Kosthi [link]
Musa (38): Tiryak-Pradhamana Kosthi [link]
Musa (39): Puta [link]
Musa (40): Puta Yantra [link]
Musa (41): Sarava Samputa [link]
Musa (42): Anukta Puta [link]
Musa (43): Sandhilepa [link]
Musa (44): Vanopala [link]
Musa (45): Number of Putas [link]
Musa (46): Method of Putapaka [link]
Musa (47): Aims and importance of the Putas [link]
Musa (48): Maha puta [link]
Musa (49): Gajaputa [link]
Musa (50): Varaha Puta [link]
Musa (51): Kukkutaputa [link]
Musa (52): Kapota puta [link]
Musa (53): Lavaka puta [link]
Musa (54): Govara puta [link]
Musa (55): Valuka puta [link]
Musa (56): Bhudhara puta [link]
Musa (57): When no puta is mentioned [link]
Musa (58): Bhanda puta [link]
Rasa (Parada) (1): Definitions of Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (2): Ores of Mercury [link]
Rasa (Parada) (3): Market trend [link]
Rasa (Parada) (4): Properties of Parada in Specific forms [link]
Rasa (Parada) (5): Method of extraction of Mercury from its minerals [link]
Rasa (Parada) (6): Superiority of Hingulottha Parada [link]
Rasa (Parada) (7): Varieties [link]
Rasa (Parada) (8): Depending on the Colour [link]
Rasa (Parada) (9): Depending on the source of origin [link]
Rasa (Parada) (10): Properties of each variety [link]
Rasa (Parada) (11): Dosas (167) Effects of impure mercury [link]
Rasa (Parada) (12): General purification of mercury [link]
Rasa (Parada) (13): Samskaras of Parada [link]
Rasa (Parada) (14): Eight Samskara of Mercury [link]
Rasa (Parada) (15): Swedana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (16): Mardana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (17): Murchana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (18): Utthapana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (19): Characteristics of Nastapista [link]
Rasa (Parada) (20): Patana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (21): Rodhana/Bodhana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (22): Niyamana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (23): Dipana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (24): Anuvasana Samskara [link]
Rasa (Parada) (25): Various forms of mercury recommended for use [link]
Rasa (Parada) (26): Nirmukha Jarana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (27): Importance of Gandhaka Jarana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (28): Apparatus & Method for Gandhaka Jarana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (29): Features [link]
Rasa (Parada) (30): Grasamana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (31): Characteristics of Bija [link]
Rasa (Parada) (32): Characteristics of Mukha [link]
Rasa (Parada) (33): Characteristics of Raksasavaktra Parada [link]
Rasa (Parada) (34): Garbhadruti [link]
Rasa (Parada) (35): Bahyadruti [link]
Rasa (Parada) (36): Characteristics of Druti [link]
Rasa (Parada) (37): Characteristics of Jarana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (38): Characteristics of Bida [link]
Rasa (Parada) (39): Ranjana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (40): Sarana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (41): Characteristics of Vedha [link]
Rasa (Parada) (42): Varieties of Vedha [link]
Rasa (Parada) (43): Lepa vedha [link]
Rasa (Parada) (44): Ksepa vedha [link]
Rasa (Parada) (45): Dhuma vedha [link]
Rasa (Parada) (46): Sabda vedha [link]
Rasa (Parada) (47): Udghatana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (48): Swedana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (49): Sanyasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (50): Rasa Bandha [link]
Rasa (Parada) (51): Suitability of Mercury for Bandhana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (52): Form and Appearance of Baddha Parada [link]
Rasa (Parada) (53): Types of Bandhas [link]
Rasa (Parada) (54): Description of each type [link]
Rasa (Parada) (55): Rasa Gati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (56): Jala Gati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (57): Hamsa Gati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (58): Mala Gati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (59): Dhuma Gati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (60): Jiva Gati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (61): Rasabhasma [link]
Rasa (Parada) (62): Pathya during Parada Sevana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (63): Apathya during Parada Sevana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (64): Parada Ksetrikarana [link]
Rasa (Parada) (65): Complications due to Impure Mercury [link]
Rasa (Parada) (66): Complications of Improperly Processed Mercury [link]
Rasa (Parada) (67): Complications due to Mercurial Vapors [link]
Rasa (Parada) (68): Management of the Complications [link]
Rasa (Parada) (69): Treatment for Rasajirna [link]
Rasa (Parada) (70): Mercurial preparations [link]
Rasa (Parada) (71): Kajjali (214) Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (72): Bola Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (73): Loha Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (74): Pancamrta Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (75): Rasa Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (76): Swarna Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (77): Vyoma/Gagana Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (78): Tamra Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (79): Vijaya Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (80): Sweta Parpati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (81): Sindura group of compound [link]
Rasa (Parada) (82): Rasa Puspa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (83): Rasakarpura [link]
Rasa (Parada) (84): Rasasindura [link]
Rasa (Parada) (85): Samirapannaga Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (86): Makaradhwaja [link]
Rasa (Parada) (87): Siddha Makaradhwaja [link]
Rasa (Parada) (88): Svarnasindura [link]
Rasa (Parada) (89): Mallasindura [link]
Rasa (Parada) (90): Agnitundi Ras [link]
Rasa (Parada) (91): Ananda Bhairava Ras [link]
Rasa (Parada) (92): Amavatari Ras [link]
Rasa (Parada) (93): Brhat Vata Cintamani Ras [link]
Rasa (Parada) (94): Candrakala Vati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (95): Candramrta Ras [link]
Rasa (Parada) (96): Catur-mukha Ras [link]
Rasa (Parada) (97): Candraprabha Vati [link]
Rasa (Parada) (98): Candrakanta Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (99): Candrakala Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (100): Garbhacintamani Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (101): Gulmakalanala Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (102): Hrdayarnava Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (103): Ichhabhedi Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (104): Jwarari Abhram [link]
Rasa (Parada) (105): Jwarari Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (106): Jalodarari Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (107): Jwarankusa Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (108): Karpura Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (109): Kamadudha Rasa (Trtiya) [link]
Rasa (Parada) (110): Kaphachinatamani Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (111): Kaphaketu Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (112): Krmimudgar Ras [link]
Rasa (Parada) (113): Kravyada Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (114): Kasturi Bhairav Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (115): Lilavilasa Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (116): Loknath Rasa (Brhat) [link]
Rasa (Parada) (117): Maha Laksmi Vilasa Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (118): Mugdha Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (119): Manikya Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (120): Maninimanabhanjana Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (121): Mrtyunjay Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (122): Nityananda Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (123): Puspa Dhanva Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (124): Raktapittakulakandhana Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (125): Ramabana Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (126): Smrtisagara Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (127): Sutasekhara Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (128): Sirahasuladivajra Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (129): Sringarabhara Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (130): Swasa Kuthar Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (131): Tribhuvanakirti Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (132): Vasantakusumakara Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (133): Vasantamalati Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (134): Vatakulantak Rasa [link]
Rasa (Parada) (135): Yogendra Rasa [link]
Maharasa (1): Maharasa [link]
Maharasa (2): Abhraka [link]
Maharasa (3): Krsnabhraka [link]
Maharasa (4): Characters of acceptable Variety as Per Ayurveda [link]
Maharasa (5): Characters of acceptable Variety as Per Modern [link]
Maharasa (6): Dhanyabhraka Vidhi [link]
Maharasa (7): Complications of Asuddha Abhraka [link]
Maharasa (8): Uses of suddha abhraka [link]
Maharasa (9): Physico-Chemical Characters of Purified Krsnabhraka [link]
Maharasa (10): Abhraka Bhasma Sataputi [link]
Maharasa (11): Amrti Karana [link]
Maharasa (12): Uses of Abhraka in Rasashastra [link]
Maharasa (13): Vaikranta [link]
Maharasa (14): Maksika [link]
Maharasa (15): Vimala [link]
Maharasa (16): Silajit [link]
Maharasa (17): Gunas of different varieties of Silajit [link]
Maharasa (18): Specific Action of Silajit [link]
Maharasa (19): Silajitwadi Loha [link]
Maharasa (20): Sasyaka [link]
Maharasa (21): Capala [link]
Maharasa (22): Rasaka [link]
Maharasa (23): Description of Zinc Ores [link]
Maharasa (24): Zinc carbonate (Zn CO3) [link]
Maharasa (25): Zinc Silicate (Zn SiO4) [link]
Gandhaka (1): Gandhaka [link]
Gandhaka (2): Gandhaka Vikara Santi [link]
Gandhaka (3): Gandhaka Druti [link]
Gandhaka (4): Gandhaka Rasayana [link]
Gandhaka (5): Gandhakavati (Prathama) [link]
Gandhaka (6): Mahagandhaka [link]
Gandhaka (7): Gairika [link]
Gandhaka (8): Kasisa [link]
Gandhaka (9): Kanksi [link]
Gandhaka (10): Haratal [link]
Gandhaka (11): Rasamanikya [link]
Gandhaka (12): Manahsila [link]
Gandhaka (13): Anjana [link]
Gandhaka (14): Souviranjana [link]
Gandhaka (15): Srotonjana [link]
Gandhaka (16): Nilanjana [link]
Gandhaka (17): Puspanjana [link]
Gandhaka (18): Rasanjana [link]
Gandhaka (19): Kankustha [link]
Sadharan Rasa (1): Kampillaka [link]
Sadharan Rasa (2): Gauripasana [link]
Sadharan Rasa (3): Navasadar [link]
Sadharan Rasa (4): Varatika [link]
Sadharan Rasa (5): Mrddarasrnga [link]
Sadharan Rasa (6): Agnijara [link]
Sadharan Rasa (7): Girisindura [link]
Sadharan Rasa (8): Hingula [link]
Sadharan Rasa (9): Hinguleswar Rasa [link]
Dhatu (1): Origin of lohas [link]
Dhatu (2): Swarna [link]
Dhatu (3): Rajata [link]
Dhatu (4): Tamra [link]
Dhatu (5): Amrtikarana [link]
Dhatu (6): Loha [link]
Dhatu (7): Munda Loha [link]
Dhatu (8): Tiksna Loha [link]
Dhatu (9): Amritkarana [link]
Dhatu (10): Sara Loha [link]
Dhatu (11): Kanta Loha [link]
Dhatu (12): Candanadi Lauha [link]
Dhatu (13): Navayas Loha [link]
Dhatu (14): Pradarantake Lauha [link]
Dhatu (14): Putapakva Visama Jvarantak Lauha [link]
Dhatu (15): Saptamrtaloha [link]
Dhatu (16): Satamulyadi Lauha [link]
Dhatu (17): Yakrdari Loha [link]
Dhatu (18): Mandur [link]
Dhatu (19): Punarnava Mandur [link]
Dhatu (20): Naga [link]
Dhatu (21): Vanga [link]
Dhatu (22): Swarna Vanga [link]
Dhatu (23): Trivanga Bhasma [link]
Dhatu (24): Yasada [link]
Dhatu (25): Kamsya [link]
Dhatu (26): Pittala [link]
Dhatu (27): Vartaloha or Pancaloha [link]
Ratna (1): Ratna [link]
Ratna (2): Manikya [link]
Ratna (3): Tarksya [link]
Ratna (4): Vajra [link]
Ratna (5): Nilam [link]
Ratna (6): Gomeda [link]
Ratna (7): Vaidurya [link]
Ratna (8): Uparatna [link]
Ratna (9): Suryakanta [link]
Ratna (10): Candrakanta [link]
Ratna (11): Rajavarta [link]
Ratna (12): Sphatika [link]
Ratna (13): Pairojaka [link]
Ratna (14): Palanka [link]
Ratna (15): Rudhira [link]
Ratna (16): Puttika [link]
Ratna (17): Sugandhika [link]
Ratna (18): Trnakanta [link]
Ratna (19): Sange Yasaba [link]
Ratna (20): Akika [link]
Sudha Varga (1): Mrga Srnga [link]
Sudha Varga (2): Sambuka [link]
Sudha Varga (3): Khatika [link]
Sudha Varga (4): Samudra Phena [link]
Sudha Varga (5): Sudha [link]
Sudha Varga (6): Mukta [link]
Sudha Varga (7): Sukti [link]
Sudha Varga (8): Godanti [link]
Sudha Varga (9): Kukkutanda Twak [link]
Sudha Varga (10): Sankha [link]
Sudha Varga (11): Sankha Dravaka [link]
Sudha Varga (12): Pravala [link]
Sudha Varga (13): Pravala Pancamrta [link]
Sikata Varga (1): Sikata [link]
Sikata Varga (2): Dugdhapasana [link]
Sikata Varga (3): Kauseyasma [link]
Sikata Varga (4): Nagapasana [link]
Sikata Varga (5): Badarasma [link]
Sikata Varga (6): Vyomasma [link]
Lavana and Ksara (1): Lavana and Ksara [link]
Lavana and Ksara (2): Lavana [link]
Lavana and Ksara (3): Lavana Pancaka (Five Salts) [link]
Lavana and Ksara (4): Lavan Traya (Three Salts) [link]
Lavana and Ksara (5): Saindhava lavana [link]
Lavana and Ksara (6): Sauvarchala lavana [link]
Lavana and Ksara (7): Vida Lavana [link]
Lavana and Ksara (8): Samudra lavana [link]
Lavana and Ksara (9): Romaka lavana [link]
Lavana and Ksara (10): Ksara [link]
Lavana and Ksara (11): Tankana [link]
Lavana and Ksara (12): Sarjika ksara [link]
Lavana and Ksara (13): Surya ksara [link]
Lavana and Ksara (14): Papada Ksara [link]
Lavana and Ksara (15): Yava Ksara [link]
Mayura Pankha: Bhunaga [link]
Visa (1): Vatsanabha [link]
Visa (2): Arka [link]
Visa (3): Swetarka [link]
Visa (4): Karavira [link]
Visa (5): Snuhi [link]
Visa (6): Langali [link]
Visa (7): Gunja [link]
Visa (8): Ahiphena [link]
Visa (9): Dhattura [link]
Visa (10): Danti [link]
Visa (11): Bhallataka [link]
Visa (12): Bhanga [link]
Visa (13): Jayapala [link]
Visa (14): Visa Tinduka [link]
Chapter 16: The Drugs and Cosmetic Act [link]
Standardisation (1): Standardisation of curde drugs [link]
Standardisation (2): Standard [link]
Standardisation (3): Standardisation - A Multi-Dimensional Approach [link]
Standardisation (4): Determination of fineness of particles [link]
Standardisation (5): Determination of ash [link]
Standardisation (6): Determination of pH [link]
Standardisation (7): Specific Gravity [link]

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