Rasasastra (The Mercurial System)

author: P. Himasagara Chandra Murthy
edition: 2008, Chaukhambha Sanskrit Series office
pages: 568
language: English
ISBN-13: 9788170802768
Topic: Rasashastra

Summary: The is an English handbook introducting the basic aspects of Rasasastra (Indian medicinal alchemy), such as Yantra (apparatus), Musa (crucible), Kosthi (stove) and Puta (incineration). It contains original Sanskrit verses dealing with the subject, as well as appendices describing modern practices.

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What is unique about this work is, apart from lucidity, inclusion of pottali kalpana with original versification on pottali, appendices on modern analytical methods and values, Namboori Phased spot test (NPST), guidelines for manufacture of Ayurvedic medicines, along with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and list of dissertations and theses of Post Graduate and Ph.D, Scholars (to the possible extent).

Available pages:

[About the Author (P. Himasagara Chandra Murthy)]

Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Rasasastra (The Mercurial System) in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

History of Rasasastra [link]
Rasasala (Pharmacy/Laboratory) [link]
Paribhasa (Clarification of Terminology of Rasa Sastra) [link]
Yantra (The Apparatus) [link]
Musa (Cruscible) [link]
Kosthi (Hearth/Stove) [link]
Puta (Incineration) [link]
Rasa (Mercury) [link]
Rasasya Gatayah, Bandhah, rasabhasma [link]
Hingulottha Parada (Extraction of Mercury from Cinnabar) [link]
Flow chart of Rasa Dravya Vargikarana [link]
Maharasa-Group of Drugs [link]
Uparasa (Secondary Mercurial Drugs) [link]
Sadharana Rasa (Common drugs of Mercurial kingdom) [link]
Dhatu Varga (Metals) [link]
Ratnani (Prescuous Stones/Gems) [link]
Uparatnani (Minor gems/semi precious stones) [link]
Sudha Varga (Calcium group of drugs) [link]
Sikata Varga (Silica group) [link]
Ksara Varga (Alkali-Group) [link]
Visa Varga (Poison-Group) [link]

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