Rasa Tarangini Of Sri Sadananda Sarma

author: Ravindra Angadi
edition: 2015, Chaukhamba Surbharati Prakashan
pages: 548
language: English
ISBN-13: 9789385005053
Topic: Rasashastra

Summary: This is the English translation of the Rasa-tarangini which explores the branch of Ayurveda known as Rasashastra, or “Iatro-chemistry” also known as “medicinal alchemy”. It has twenty-four chapters (or, tarangas) dealing with the most important aspects of Rasasastra such as metals, minerals, precious stones and poisonous herbs.

Alternative spelling: रस-तरङ्गिणी or Rasa-taraṅgiṇī by Śrī Sadānanda Śarmā

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Rasa Tarangini’ (Ayurveda Pharmaceutics and Indian Alchemy) written / compiled by Sri Sadananda Sarma, is one among the wonderful referral books in the field of ‘Ayurveda’. It incorporates all the deeper and hidden knowledge of ‘Rasasastra’ (Iatro-chemistry and Ayurveda Pharmaceutics) along with its vividly composed and rendered complex theories.
‘Rasa Tarangini’ has Twenty Four chapter called ‘Tarangas’. First four ‘Tarangas’ deal with basics of ‘Rasasastra’ that include ‘Rasasala’ (The drug manufacturing unit, ‘Rasa-Paribhasa’ (Basic definitions), ‘Yantra’ (Instruments), ‘Puta’ (Ancient Pyrometer) etc, Fifth and Sixth ‘Taranga’ (Mercury), its pharmaceutical procedures and its significant compound formulations. Seventh to Twenty Third ‘Taranga’ deal with ‘Maharasa-Uparasasadharana rasa’ (Significant minerals), ‘Dhatu’ (Calcium compounds) and ‘Raatnoparatna’ (Precious and Semi-precious stones) in a clear and impeccable manner. In the last Twenty Fourth ‘Taranga’, author deals in detail about the ‘Visopavisa Varga Dravya’ (Poisonous herbal drugs).
This book is going to be a useful guide to the ‘Pharmaceutical companies’ That venture into the production of compound formulations using above said metals and minerals. To ‘general practitioners’ who wish to utilize ‘products of metals and minerals’ into their practice for better and quicker therapeutic results, this book offers innumerable number of excellent ready made formulations that are indicated in any disease of their choice. Moreover, this book will also be wonderful referral stuff to everyone in the field, especially to learned teachers, postgraduates, under graduates and the students appearing for PG entrance examinations.
The present edition of ‘Rasa Tarangini’ possesses the most appropriate and the authentic illustration to all its theories under ‘Trans-Cendence’ descriptive commentary, which the first ever English commentary of this book.

Available pages:

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Rasa Tarangini Of Sri Sadananda Sarma in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Chapter 1: Rasasalavijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 2: Paribhasavijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 3: Musa-Kosthi-Puta-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 4: Yantra-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 5: Parada Asta Samskara-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 6: Murcchana-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 7: Parada-Marana-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 8: Gandhaka-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 9: Hingula-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 10: Abhraka-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 11: Talakadi-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 12: Sankhadi-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 13: Ksaratrika-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 14: Ksaravisesadi-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 15: Suvarna-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 16: Rajata-Vijaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 17: Tamra-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 18: Vanga-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 19: Sisakadi-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 20: Lohadi-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 21: Upadhatvadi-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 22: Misralohadi-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 23: Ratna-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]
Chapter 24: Visopavisadi-Vijnaniya Taranga [link]

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