Alchemy and Metallic Medicines in Ayurveda

author: Vaidya Bhagwan Dash
edition: 2003, Concept Publishing Company
pages: 236
ISBN-10: 8170220777
ISBN-13: 9788170220770
Topic: Rasashastra

Chapter III - Rasa and Rasasala

This page describes Rasa and Rasasala which is the third chapter (adhyaya) located on 42 in the book Alchemy and Metallic Medicines in Ayurveda composed by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash. This book exposes the utility of metals and minerals with regards to Ayurveda and Rasashastra (Medicinal alchemy), treating on its origin, history and development, as well as mercury, Ayurvedic recipes and more. This page contains an online preview of the full text and summarizes technical terms, as well as information if you want to buy this book.

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[Introduction (4): Purpose of processing]

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