Ananda Ramayana (Sanskrit and English)

author: Shanti Lal Nagar
edition: 2006, Parimal Publication
pages: 972
ISBN-10: 8171102824
ISBN-13: 9788171102822
Topic: Hinduism

The Ananda Ramayana is, just like the famous Sanskrit epic Ramayana, authored by sage Valmiki. Although many story stories are included in both epics, the Ananda Ramayana is noted for its unique background narratives. This includes the abduction of Kausalya, the birth of Sita and the abduction of Parvati. This is the English translation of the Anan...

Sarga 4 - Friendship between the rulers of solar and lunar races

This page describes Friendship between the rulers of solar and lunar races which is the fourth sarga (chapter) of the Purna-kanda (Pūrṇa-kāṇḍa) located on page 464 in the book Ananda Ramayanam translated into English by Shanti Lal Nagar. The Ananda Ramayana, authored by sage Valmiki, includes many of the famous epic stories, yet is known for its inclusion of unique background narratives (eg., birth of Sita). This book contains the original Sanskrit text. This page contains an online preview of the full text and summarizes technical terms, as well as information if you want to buy this book.

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