Essence of the Mahayana Teachings

author: Khenpo Samdup
edition: 2015, Majnu ka Tila
pages: 176
language: English
ISBN-13: 9780986446016
Topic: Mahayana

Summary: This is “Essence of the Mahayana Teachings”: A Commentary on Jigten Sumgon's Lam Rim text. It contains the summarized essence of the important teachings of the Buddha contained within literature such as Sutras and Tantras. The author, Khenpo Samdup was a student Grachen Rinpoche and studied the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

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Among all the written teachings of Illustrious Drigung Kyobpa, the Ten Nying, or Essence of the Mahayana Teachings, is an exceptional work that contains within it the nectar-like essence of all the Buddha's teachings and the holy treatises that comprise the sutras, tantras, and direct oral instructions. This is a teaching to be practiced, one that presents the three vows and the stages of the path of the lineage of accomplished practitioners in such a way that the Dharma can be brought into the mind-stream in accordance with the acumen and proclivities of the practitioner. This important text for students should form the basis for future study and reflection. Thus, feeling this was important, I earnestly requested Khen Rinpoche Konchog Samdup to compose a commentary on this root text that would elucidate the meaning without being too long or wordy. In accordance with my request, he has worked very hard to produce this Concise Explanation of Jigten Sumgon's "Essence of the Mahayana Teachings." My aspiration is that his commentary becomes a cause for the benefit and happiness of all infinite sentient beings.

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Essence of the Mahayana Teachings in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Foreword by His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang [link]
Foreword by His Eminence Carchen Rinpoche [link]
Finding the Lama [link]
How to Rely on the Lama [link]
How to Please the Lama [link]
How to Practice the Path [link]
Meditation on Death and Impermanence [link]
Contemplating the Difficulty of Finding Precious Human Birth [link]
Karma, Cause and Effect [link]
Contemplating the Defects of Samsara [link]
Refuge [link]
Precepts of What to Abandon [link]
Precepts of What to Adopt [link]
Pratimoksha Vows [link]
How to Take the Vows [link]
Benefits of Holding the Vows [link]
Repairing Broken Vows [link]
Bodhisattva Vows [link]
How to Awaken Bodhichitta [link]
The Causes of Bodhichitta [link]
Accumulation of Merit [link]
Extraordinary Refuge [link]
Cultivating the Four Immeasurables [link]
Seeing the Lama as Buddha [link]
The Essence of Bodhichitta Mind [link]
To Categorize Bodhichitta [link]
Twenty-One Analogies [link]
According to the Five Paths [link]
According to the Essence [link]
The Benefits of Bodhichitta [link]
Bodhisattva Practices [link]
Aspiring Bodhichitta: Remembering, Increasing, Purifying [link]
Engaging Bodhichitta: Ethical Discipline [link]
Abandon All Non-Virtue [link]
Accomplish the Benefit of Beings [link]
Gather Virtuous Dharma [link]
Perfect Abandoning and Practicing [link]
The Six Perfections [link]
The Four Ways of Gathering Disciples [link]
Dedication [link]
Progression Along the Paths and Bhumis [link]
Vajrayana [link]
Ripening Empowerment [link]
Qualities of the Master [link]
Qualities of the Disciple [link]
Empowerment [link]
Samaya [link]
Instructions on the Fivefold Path [link]
Bodhichitta [link]
Yidam Deity Meditation [link]
The Deity Arises from Bodhichitta [link]
Deity Pride [link]
Clear Visualization [link]
Recalling the Purity [link]
Guru Yoga [link]
Mahamudra [link]
The Ultimate Result [link]

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