Jyotishe Shodhalekhavalih

author: T. S. Kuppanna Sastry
edition: 1989, Kendriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha, Tirupati
pages: 458
language: English
Topic: Jyotisha

Summary: This is a collecting of papers on jyotisha (Vedic astrology) by T. S. Kuppana Sastry (former professor of the Sanskrit College, Madras) and contains 30 lectures. The book deals with topics such as the calendar in Hindu Tradition, Hindu astronomical processes, Aryabhata School of Astronomy and various other topics.

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These collected papers issued by the Vidyapeetha, is a collection of valuable and original papers-published in several learned Journals-numbering about twenty. The author has made a systematic, thorough-going and comparative study of the Hindu and Western systems of astronomy. The book deals with such interesting and illuminating topics as the Vasistha Sun and Moon, calendar in Hindu Tradition, Varahamihira's Saka Era, Hindu astronomical processes, Vatesvara Siddhanta, Aryabhata School of Astronomy, Hindu Astronomy in the age corresponding to pre-copernican European Astronomy, Tamil Astronomy, determining the date of Adi Sankaracharya (on astronomical grounds), the law of gravitation, the structure of atom and the theory of Relativity and others. Needless to say, among the astromers who have attempted a methodological and critical study of Jyotisha, Professor T.S. Kuppanna Sastry, the eminent scholar of ancient and modern astronomy, stands out as preeminent. I state in all humility that the development of astronomy, marshalled in its historical perspective in the collected papers, will furnish some definite criteria governing the relevancy and applicability of ancient Indian observations as enshrined in Jyotisha to modern astronomy.
It is now left for us to thank Dr. K. V. Sarma sincerely for his hearty cooperation and assistance in printing this book. He read through the proofs, compiled the Bibliography of Prof. SASTRY's writings and sent us the author's Bio-data. Special acknowledgement should be made to the Rathnam Press, Madras for setting the appropriate types for the book.
Lastly I pay homage to my guru, Professor T.S. Kuppanna Sastry for his excellent contribution to mathematics cum astronomy.

Available pages:

[About the author ( T. S. Kuppanna Sastry)]

Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Jyotishe Shodhalekhavalih in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

The Vasistha Sun and Moon in Varahamihira's Pancasiddhantika [link]
The Bijopanaya: Is it a work of Bhaskaracarya? [link]
A Historical Development of certain Hindu Astronomical Processes [link]
The System of the Vatesvara Siddhanta [link]
The School of Aryabhata and the peculiarities thereof [link]
Some Misinterpretations and Omissions by Thibaut and Sudhakara Dvivedi [link]
The main characteristic of Hindu Astronomy [link]
The Vasistha-Paulisa Venus in the Pancasiddhantika of Varahamihira [link]
Vasistha-Paulisa Jupiter and Saturn in the Pancasiddhantika [link]
The Vasistha-Paulisa Mars in the Pancasiddhantika of Varahamihira [link]
The Epoch of the Romaka Siddhanta and the Epoch Longitudes of the Sun and Moon [link]
The Epoch Constants of the Vasistha-Paulisa Star Planets [link]
Saurasiddhanta of Pancasiddhantika: Planetary Constants and computation [link]
Pancasiddhantika XVIII 64-81 : An Interpolation [link]
The Saka Era of Varahamihira (Salivahana Saka) [link]
The Untenability of the Postulated Saka of 550 B.C. [link]
Determination of the Data of the Mahabharata : The Possibility Thereof [link]
A Brief History of Tamil Astronomy [link]
The Age of Sankara : I [link]
The Age of Sankara : II [link]
Astronomy [link]
The Stars [link]
The Structure of the Atom [link]
Newton and the Law of Gravitation [link]
The Evolution of the Universe According to Sir James Jeans [link]
The Duration of Eclipses [link]
The Lunar Eclipse in Hindu Astronomy [link]
The Theory of Relativity [link]
Computation of the Solar Eclipse in Hindu Astronomy [link]
Hindu Astronomy Through the Ages-A Short Sketch [link]

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