Geometry in Ancient and Medieval India

author: Dr. T.A. Sarasvati Amma
edition: 2017, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
pages: 278
ISBN-10: 8120813448
ISBN-13: 9788120813441
Topic: Jyotisha

Excerpts from reviews

“The book under review is an almost exhaustive survey of geometry in Sanskrit and Prakrit literature right from the vedic times down to the early part of the seventeenth century A.D. The contributions to geometry made by Sulba Sutras, Hindu The contributions to geometry made by Sulba Sutras, Hindu Siddhanta, Jaina Canonical works, Bakshali manuscript as also by eminent mathematicians, Aryabhata I & II, Sripati, Bhaskaracharya I & II, Mahavira, Sridhara, Nilakanta and a few others have been dealt with critically.

The present book has filled more than adequately the long gap after the publication of an equally authentic, exhaustive source book, History of Hindu Mathematics in two Volumes (1935-1938), by B.B. Datta and A.N. Singh, which deals with ancient Indian arithmetic and algebra.”

S. Balachandra Rao
Deccan Herald Magazine,
Sunday, October 21, 1979

“An admirable feature of the book is the impartial scholarly attitude to the study and a complete absence of parochialism. The book is supplemented with an exhaustive Bibliography, a Glossary of Geometrical Terms and an Index.

A higly commendable treatise, the work is very useful as a text book of Hindu geometry.”

D.G. Dhavale
Annals of B.O.R. Institure
Vol. LXIX (1988), Poona 1988.

“This book is a geometrical survey of Sanskrit and Prakrit scientific literature beginning from the Sulba-sutras (VIth-Vth century B.C.) and ending with the early of XVIIth century A.D…

As pointed out by the author in the preface “the book is the third in a series of books on Indian mathematics….In fact, this book considerably.”

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