Geometry in Ancient and Medieval India

author: Dr. T.A. Sarasvati Amma
edition: 2017, Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
pages: 278
ISBN-10: 8120813448
ISBN-13: 9788120813441
Topic: Jyotisha

About The Author

Dr. T.A. Saraswati Amma took her basic degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Madras. She took her Master’s degree in Sanskrit from B.H.U. and her Master’s degree in English Literature from Bihar University.

This book is her doctoral thesis on which she was awarded the Ph.D. degree by Ranchi University. Equipped as she is with a good knowledge of, both Mathematics and Sanskrit she was eminently suitable to carry on research on this very important topic.

She has made extensive contributions in the field of Sanskrit and Mathematics by way of publications, papers, post-doctoral research and participation in various national and international conferences.

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