Encyclopaedia of Indian Astrology

author: Prof. N.E. Muthuswamy
edition: 2006, MPS Trust Thiruvananthapuram (CBH)
pages: 1,147
Topic: Hinduism

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Editor’s Preface

A lifetime ambition and effort of an illustrious scholar, the author of more than seventy books on astrology and allied subjects, bringing out many hitherto unknown nuances of Indian astrology, is attaining fruition this day, with the publication of this Encyclopedia, his magnum opus. Of course this moment of elation of fulfillment is not without its poignant feeling, as the author is not alive to witness this glorious day of its launch. Having dedicated his entire life to the cause of astrology, I am sure that he has been blessing, guiding and helping me to enter into this grand finale phase of presenting this, “Encyclopedia of Indian Astrology” a valuable addition, unique and unparalleled, to the extant astrological literature.

This Encyclopedia of Indian Astrology is the principal source book, a kind of effort that no one has so far attempted. This will cater to the needs of those aspiring and yearning students and scholars alike, in answering their quest on any topic of Indian Astrology, precisely. It can help one to find out how to get the ideas or overcome deficiency of basic resources. Anyone can gain an overall knowledge of the postulates and principles of Indian Astrology and help him or her to improve the knowledge of the essentials of Indian Astrology.

Herein one can find all the ideas and concepts of Indian astrology and they have been presented in a lucid form. The size of the book need not put anyone off. One need not read the whole book to get some information out of it. Considering the vastness of the subject of Indian Astrology none can expect to master everything contained in this Encyclopedia. As a reference tool, this Encyclopedia is written and arranged in such a way to help anyone to find the required information, easily and instantly.

The use of this Encyclopedia can help one to understand the enhanced concepts of Indian astrology. At the same time it can help to clear many a mistaken notion, haunting and hovering above any assiduous student. As the subject itself is so vast and voluminous, this encyclopedia can help anyone to find the information on any topic, irrespective of the level of knowledge of the seeker, in a jiffy, obviating the need to refer multifarious texts or authorities.

The Arrangement

In this Encyclopedia, the words have been arranged alphabetically based on the alphabets of English language. Those words which are in Sanskrit language have been transliterated to English. The original Sanskrit word is given in Devanagari script in brackets. This is intended to help the reader to be familiar with the correct pronunciation of the word, as in many cases the English words may not give the correct pronunciation. However the structures of overall alphabetization of the words have been based on the standard principles.

The ideas and concepts in Indian Astrology and Prasna have been elaborately explained with full-length articles. The basic tenets of astrology like Planets, stars, houses, compatibility etc., have been fully elaborated with tables. The inter-relations of planets, stars, etc have been tabulated and presented in structured tables. For example, the concepts like Jaathaka, Dasaa, Dreakkana, Baadha, Ashtakavarga, Shoadasavargas, Ashtamangala Prasna etc., to name a few, have been explained with informative tables. The Dasaa system with sub periods and sub-sub periods with their results are extensively dealt with, in the tables. Topics in Medical astrology too finds a place at relevant places.

A new approach to the predictive astrology has been adopted in this Encyclopedia by providing the combinations of planets, in relation with their character and tenets to conclude on the results more effectively. For example you will find a plethora of planetary combinations for shaping the varied facets of life like the administrative officers, doctors, engineers, musicians or events like anapathyatha, death, etc.

The Pronunciation System

The Encyclopedia follows a pronunciation system for Sanskrit words aided by equivalent pronunciation principles of the English language, helping thereby the user to understand the correct pronunciation of the Sanskrit word. While transliterating Sanskrit words into English, at times two spellings for the same word have become inevitable such as Muhurtha and muhoortha. This is to ensure some freedom to the user to adopt any one of those spellings.

Enormous efforts have gone into the making of this magnificent and multifaceted Encyclopedia. Both the author and the editor had to burn their midnight oil for months and years with immense amount of strain and stress in its making. Despite the meticulous care bestowed in the editing, some mistake would have crept in or escaped our attention. For this, we crave the pardon of the erudite user. The available literature on Indian Astrology is by itself so vast and equally unlimited is the knowledge they encompass. It could be that the material presented in these pages, could not match those immense treasure of boundless knowledge or details, found embedded in those ancient texts. However, care has been taken not to leave any area, however small, insignificant or unimportant, unexplained. Further editions will enable us to incorporate those ideas, areas and words which would have inadvertently been left out now. Care has been taken to give cross reference to all major and minor entries relating to astrology for easy access.

Professor Muthuswamy had immersed and involved himself, heart and soul, in the preparation of this Encyclopedia for more than five years and has been constantly revising, rewriting the entries to his utmost satisfaction, till his last days. Prof. Muthuswamy passed away in 2005. However, he had a very clear vision as to what form the dictionary must be in its final shape. Immense care has been taken to see that this present form of the dictionary, both in its contents and shape, conforms to his aspirations. I have been publishing all the books of my father, Prof. Muthuswamy, over all these years and editing them under his guidance. I have put forth only a minimal knowledge and expertise in editing this enormous Encyclopedia cum Dictionary to bring it to its present form. Despite my genuine efforts there could be some shortcomings in presentation or preservation of ideas. I have always felt the unseen presence of my father and his guidance behind me, in my efforts of editing this Encyclopedia and that is why it was possible for me to bring out this great Classic in its present shape. I have no doubt that my beloved father would have wished it that way.

I have to record my heartfelt gratitude to elders and my family, who with their patience and moral support, were of great help in making this Herculean effort possible. I record my sincere thanks, especially to Sri. V. S. Kalyanaraman of Bangalore for his constant encouragement, advice and valuable suggestions.

Considering the voluminous nature, the Encyclopaedia has been brought in two volumes. For easy handling necessitating frequent use. The first volume contains alphabets from A-L and the second volume M-Z.

I am sure this Encyclopedia will be well received by all the scholars, students, lovers of astrology. Considering the immense wealth of information and material it contains, I have no hesitation to say that this Encyclopedia will endear itself to one and all of our astrological fraternity, worldwide and prove to be a very valuable reference work, immeasurably useful to them, for centuries to come.