Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

author: Girish Chand Sharma
edition: 2006, Sagar Publications
pages: 1,448
ISBN-13: 8903602403809
Topic: Hinduism

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Astrology is like any other science, however its practice would always remain an art as the parameters of man environments and times lead to different interpretation in different parts of the world. I say so on the basis of my experience/practice through two decades over which principles laid down in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra progressively became lucid and amazingly true. A lot more is yet to be done especially in the face of the fact that past deeds and predestination have a definite role to play. Hence it is only through the study of Vedic Astrology that the secret of fate and freewill can be deciphered on a logical plane.

The Principles of Vedic Astrology are intricate and yet simple. At times during initial interpretation they may seem to be contradictory but really they are not, and at this stage, the teacher (the Guru) plays a key role and no book can replace him. However, a limited effort has been made to present appropriate practical example (horoscopes) both to illustrate the principles and resolve the text. The fear of the book's becoming bulky has tended to hold me back from giving more examples. But to compensate for this deficiency soon the readers shall have a series of books like the following dealing with special principles so far not published or even deciphered by the common student or practitioner of astrology:

  1. Parashara & Harmonic Charts
  2. Role of Retrograde Planets in Astrology

These books have included two decades of research and thousands of horoscopes to affirm my belief in replicable techniques of predictive Vedic Astrology.

As I present this English version of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, I must hasten to record my sincere thanks to Prof. DPS Chauhan, but for whose help in making this translation closest to concept, the book may not have been in this form.

Formal thanks to Mr. URS STROBEL & Mr. SIBELT MEYER of MVU would be grossly inadequate for their informal and continuous inspiration propelling me to take up this work. I shall ever remain grateful to them.

I must also thank Pt. Krishan Kant Sharma, Mr. P.K. Vasudeva, N.C. Saxena and H.C. Agarwal who have been helpful and supportive in so many ways. Mr. Anil Tiwari draws special thanks for his help in drawing the birth charts.

If the readers find the book of some use; I think I have thanked Mr. Narinder Sagar (Prop. Sagar Publications) for all his untiring and thoughtful encouragement. May God bless him.

I am aware that the very human touch makes the things imperfect; Hence I shall be grateful to receive suggestions to improve the value of the book by incorporating the necessary changes in future.