Tiloyapannatti by Acharya Yatibrishabha

author: Dashrath Jain
edition: 2012, Jain Granthagar, Delhi
pages: 1465
language: English
ISBN-13: 9788191037333
Topic: Jainism

Summary: The English translation of the Tiloyapannatti by Acharya Yatibrishabha, also known as the Trilokaprajnapati, representing an early text on on Jain cosmology written in Prakrit divided in nine chapters. The text deals with the knowledge of universe, heavens, hells, deities, humans, Siddhas, etc. As well as the nature of Jambudvipa (Jambudvip), Bharata (Bharat region) and the mountains.

Alternative titles: Tiloyapaṇṇatti (तिलोयपण्णत्ति), Trilokaprajñapti (त्रिलोकप्रज्ञप्ति).

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Tiloyapannatti (Tiloya Pannatti) or Trilokaprajnapati (Triloka Prajnapti) is divided in nine chapters (mahadhikaras) and three volumes. Volume one contains three chapters, which deal with knowledge of universe, lower universe and mansion dwelling part of upper universe. This work is more than an encyclopedia of Karnanuyoga (Cosmology). Tiloya pannati is one of the most authouritative work on Jain Cosmology. Acharya shri Yati Brisabha has been declared by certain authorities on the subject to have been flourished in the period seventh century A.D. and was contemporary of Acharya shri Kundakunda Swami, Shivarya etc and it was he and he alone, who could prepare such a great monumental work, which is just like a light house manifesting before universe with so much of knowledge on such a difficult subject.
Vol I: 9788191037333,
Vol II: 9788191037355,
Vol III: 9788191037357,
ASIN : ‎ B09GBC96QY.

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[Preface Volume 2]
[Preface Volume 3]

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