Mythical Animals in Indian Art

author: K. Krishna Murthy
edition: 1985, Abhinav Publication
pages: 120
language: English
ISBN-10: 8170171962
ISBN-13: 9788170171966
Topic: History

Summary: This book (Mythical Animals in Indian Art) is the outcome of a comprehensive study of the kaleidoscopic variety of mythical animals known from the 2nd century BC to the 6th-7th centuries AD. This fascinating study is the first of its kind and offers an authentic account of such animals—ihamrigas, in ancient India.

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Mythical creatures categorised under three heads-aerial. terrestrial and aquatic-depending on their locomotion and habitat, form the subject matter of this study.

The indigenous traits and foreign impact reflected in the animals are ably visualized To achieve this end, the sculptures of Barhut, Sanchi, Amaravati, Nagarjunakonda and Mathura, and the murals of Ajanta, supplemented by literary data. have been brought within the compass of the study.

Written in a simple and lucid style, this book about ihamrigas is sure to become a standard indological text. Its fascination lies in the intense cultural interest the subject inevitably generates

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Mythical Animals in Indian Art in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Preface IX
List of Illustrations XI
I Introductory 1
II Aerial or Atmospheric Mythical Animals (Vyomacarin) 8
1 Winged lion (Sapaksha Simhahs 8
2 Winged and horned lion 9
3 Griffins 9
4 Winged deer or stag or antelope 11
5 Winged horse 11
6 Winged elephant 13
7 Kinnara and Kinnari 13
8 Winged bull with elephant face 17
9 Winged otter 17
10 Winged goat 17
11 Lion faced cock 17
12 Male and female with lion's body and wings 17
13 Eagle with five-hooded naga 18
14 Female with body of a bird and with wings 20
III Terrestrial Mythical Animals (Bhucarin) 26
1 Human faced lion 26
2 Horned lio 27
3 Beaked lion 28
4 Elephant faced bull with antlers 28
5 Half-man and half-horse 29
6 Elephant faced man 31
7 Goat faced man 34
8 Bear faced man 34
9 Beaked otter 35
10 Chimaera 35
11 Half-maiden and half-snake (Mermaid) 36
12 Half-man and half-snake (Merman) 37
IV Aquatic Mythical Animals (Jalacarin) 41
1 Triton 41
2 Ichthyocentaur 44
3 Hippocamp and ichthyo-centaur 44
4 Makara with crocodile forequarters and fishtail behind 44
5 Makara with elephant forequarters and fishtail behind 47
6 Horse with fishtail 48
7 Winged dragon 48
8 Stag with fishtail 49
9 Water bull or marine bull 49
10 Goat with human face and fishtail 50
11 Goat with fishtail and lion's paws 51
12 Wolf with fishtail' 51
13 Deer with fishtail 52
14 Cat with fishtail 52
15 Beaked horse with fishtail 53
16 Boar with fishtail 53
17 Buffalo with fishtail 53
18 Lion with fishtail 54
19 Beaked lion with fishtail 54
20 Winged lion with fishtail 55
21 Monkey with fishtail 55
22 Duck with fishtail and lion's paw 56
23 Swan with fishtail and lion's paw 56
24 Ram with fishtail and lion's paw 57
25 Dog with fishtail 57
26 Crocodile with scorpion tail 57
27 Lion and makara 58
V Epilogue 63
Bibliography 73
Index 83

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