Tara in Hinduism

author: Bikas Kumar Bhattacharya
edition: 2003, Eastern Book Linkers
pages: 414
language: English
ISBN-10: 8178540215
Topic: Hinduism

Summary: This is “Tara in Hinduism”: Study with Textual and Iconographical Documentation. This book represents a study of the goddess Tara (तारा, Tārā) and collects various standpoints regarding her cult from both Buddhist and Brahmanical sources.

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Tara, the second Mahavidya of the Sakta pantheon, is an extremely popular goddess of the Hindus in eastern India, particularly in Assam and West Bengal.
This documentation will help a researches to make a through investigation into the Brahmanical cult of Tara, especially, in the background of cultural and ideological developments of India.
The 1st Chapter presents a survey of the development of the concepts of the Mother Goddess in ancient India as gleaned from textual and archaeological sources, vis-à-vis the seedling of the godhead of Tara in her pleasant and terrible forms.
The 2nd chapter comprises a catalogue of 265 antique images of Tara. It outlines their antiquity and provenance.
The 3rd chapter includes: (i) Sanskrit (roman) text, with English translation of the Taratantra, selections from the Rudrayamala and the Brahma-yamala-(ii) summaries in English of 26 primary texts of the Brahmanical cult of Tara; (iii) descriptive union catalogue of manuscripts of 150 Sanskrit texts relating to this cult.
The 4th chapter deals with textual interpretations of 55 terms highlighting their historical, cultural, social, religious, spiritual and philosophical imports in order to get a holistic understanding of the cult.
The 5th chapter draws a linear development of the cult; probes into its genesis in the pre-Vedic Indus Valley civilization down to its contributions to the formation of the spirit of swadeshi in present days.
Bhattacharya, Bikash Kumar (b. 1953), Ph. D., B.LIS., is an avid researcher of Indian religion and culture. As an incumbent in the Library of Congress (New Delhi), the Indira Gandhi National Centre of the Arts, and the Sahitya Akademi he has earned professional skill in the preparation of Indological bibliography and documentation.

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The full text of the Tara in Hinduism in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Mother Goddesses and Tara in Ancient India [link]
Worship of Mother Goddess in Ancient India [link]
Mother Goddess in Indus Valley Civilization [link]
Mother Goddess and Saktism [link]
Sakti in the Vedas [link]
Goddess in Easly Jainism and Buddhism [link]
Sakti in the Upanisads [link]
Sakti in the Sutra Period (pre-Maurya Period) [link]
Sakti in the Ramayana [link]
Sakti in the Mahabharata [link]
Sakti in Early Secular Works [link]
Sakti in Tamil Sangama Literature [link]
Mother Goddess in Ancient Indian Sculpture [link]
Tara from Archaeological Sources [link]
Ekajata [link]
Kurukulla [link]
Tara [link]
Ugratara [link]
Tara from Brahmanical Textual Sources [link]
Taratantra: Sanskrit text in roman script and English translation [link]
Selections from Brahmayamala and Rudrayamala [link]
English Summaries of Some English Trantric Texts: Devibhagavatapurana, Devirahasya [link]
Kalikhya-purana [link]
Kalitantra (Kali-tantra) [link]
Kamakhyatantra (Kamakhya-tantra) [link]
Kaulavali [link]
Kubjikatantra (Kubjika-tantra) [link]
Kubjikopanisad (Kubjika-upanisad) [link]
Mahavidyatantra (Mahavidya-tantra) [link]
Matrkabhedatantra (Matrkabheda-tantra) [link]
Mayatantra (Maya-tantra) [link]
Mundamalatantra (Mundamala-tantra) [link]
Naradapancaratra (Narada-pancaratra) [link]
Nilasarasvatitantra (Nilasarasvati-tantra) [link]
Nilatantra (Nila-tantra) [link]
Niruttaratantra (Niruttara-tantra) [link]
Pranatosini [link]
Svatantratantra (Svatantra-tantra) [link]
Tantrasara (Tantra-sara) [link]
Tarabhaktisudharnava (Tarabhakti-sudharnava) [link]
Tararahasya (Tara-rahasya) [link]
Todalatantra (Todala-tantra) [link]
Uddharakosa (Uddhara-kosa) [link]
Yoginitantra (Yogini-tantra) [link]
Yonitantra (Yoni-tantra) [link]
Stotras: abridgement in English [link]
A Union Catalogue of Manuscripts of Brahmanical Textual Sources [link]
Textual Interpretations [link]
Arjuna [link]
Bhairava [link]
Bhairavi [link]
Bharadvaja [link]
Bhava [link]
Bhima [link]
Bhutasuddhi [link]
Cinacara [link]
Dhyana [link]
Diksa [link]
Durvasa [link]
Ganesa [link]
Guru [link]
Japa [link]
Kalilasa [link]
Kalpavrksa [link]
Kapala [link]
Karti (Kartika) [link]
Kaula [link]
Kundalini [link]
Mahavidya [link]
Mahesvara [link]
Manasa Lake [link]
Mandala [link]
Mandapa [link]
Mantra [link]
Meru [link]
Mulamantra [link]
Nyasa [link]
Pancamakara [link]
Parvati [link]
Pitha [link]
Prahara [link]
Pranayama [link]
Rudra [link]
Sadasva [link]
Sakti [link]
Saktipuja [link]
Sandhya [link]
Satkarma [link]
Sava-sadhana [link]
Setu [link]
Siddhi [link]
Siva Buddha & Visnu-Buddha [link]
Vasistha [link]
Vyasa [link]
Yogini [link]

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