Fifty Stories from Yogavasishtha

author: Dr. Vijayshree
edition: 2006, Nag Publishers
pages: 130
language: English
ISBN-10: 8170816327
Topic: Hinduism

Summary: This book contains a summary of fifty stories related to the legendary literature such as the Yoga-vasistha and Puranas. All characters in these stories are contained in the former but usually have a background in the latter.

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The greatest emphasis is given to “liberation while living” (Jeevan Mukti). It talks of doing all our duties, living our lives; it may be of a king or an ordinary man, animal or a bird. It preaches 'control over mind and senses, bereft of attachment and detachment, performance of yoga, strong will power, our faith in the supreme whether qualitative or nor qualitative (Saguna and Nirguna), births and rebirths, equality of man and woman, and respect of woman' is the main epitome of the Yogavasishtha Philosophy. All the Akhyanas are introduced to establish these ideals.
In these stories, the characters are taken by the Author from Puranas, Mahabharat, Ramayana or our folk-lore. Characters are like, Ram, Vasishtha, Shukdeva, Leela, Demones Karati, Indu Brahmin, Ahilya, Indra, three princes of a king King lavan, the tribal woman, shukracharya, Bheem, Bhasa, Dashoor, Kacha, Janak, Punya, Pavan, King Bali, Prahlad, Gadhi, Uddalaka, Suraghu, Veethavya, Kaka Bhushundi, Eshwar, Arjuna, Shatrudara, Vetal, Bhagiratha, Queen Chudala, Shikhidhwaja, Kirata, Ikshvaku, Vidyadhara, Vipashchit, etc. are very familiar to Indian mind. All these character are used in these stories of Yogavisishthta.

Available pages:

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Fifty Stories from Yogavasishtha in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Chapter 1: The story of Yogavasishtha [link]
Chapter 2: The story of Rama-Vasishtha Dialogue [link]
Chapter 3: The story of Shukdeva [link]
Chapter 4: Story of the Origin of Vasishtha And His attaining Knowledge [link]
Chapter 5: The story of Akashaja [link]
Chapter 6: The story of Leela [link]
Chapter 7: The story of Karkati Ogress [link]
Chapter 8: The story of Aindava [link]
Chapter 9: Story of Queen Ahilya And Her Beloved Indra [link]
Chapter 10: The story of Mind [link]
Chapter 11: The story of A Child [link]
Chapter 12: The story of Magician Or The story of Lavana [link]
Chapter 13: The story of Shukra [link]
Chapter 14: The story of Dama, Vyala and Kata [link]
Chapter 15: The story of Bheema, Bhasa And Dridha [link]
Chapter 16: The story of Dashoora [link]
Chapter 17: The Song of Kacha (Kacha Geeta) [link]
Chapter 18: The story of Janak [link]
Chapter 19: The story of Punya And Pavana [link]
Chapter 20: The story of Bali [link]
Chapter 21: The story of Prahlad [link]
Chapter 22: The story of Gadhi [link]
Chapter 23: The story of Uddalaka [link]
Chapter 24: The story of Suraghu [link]
Chapter 25: Conversation of Bhasa And Vilasa [link]
Chapter 26: Description of Veethavy [link]
Chapter 27: The story of Kakbhushundi [link]
Chapter 28: The story of Ishwar [link]
Chapter 29: The story of Arjuna [link]
Chapter 30: The story of Shatrudra [link]
Chapter 31: The story of Vetal (Goblin) [link]
Chapter 32: The story of Bhagiratha. [link]
Chapter 33: The story of Queen Chudala (Shikhidhwaja) [link]
Chapter 34: The story of Kirata [link]
Chapter 35: The story of Jewel And The Glass (Manikachopkhyan) [link]
Chapter 36: The story of An Elephant [link]
Chapter 37: The story of Kacha [link]
Chapter 38: The story of Ikshavku [link]
Chapter 39: The story of Ascetic In Turyavastha [link]
Chapter 40: The story of A Vidyadhara (Demi God) [link]
Chapter 41: The story of Indra [link]
Chapter 42: The story of Brahmin Monkey [link]
Chapter 43: The story of The Mind Deer [link]
Chapter 44: The story of Stone [link]
Chapter 45: The story of Vipashchit [link]
Chapter 46: The story of Tapas (Sage) [link]
Chapter 47: The story of Chintamani [link]
Chapter 48: The story of Rock [link]
Chapter 49: The Story of Universe [link]
Chapter 50: The story of Bilva [link]

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