Vaidya Vallabha

author: Dr. Shreevathsa
edition: 2015, Chaukhambha Orientalia
pages: 146
language: English
ISBN-13: 9788176373487
Topic: Ayurveda

Summary: The English translation of the Vaidya Vallabha, an authoritative scripture on Ayurveda Therapeutics written by the Jain scholar named Hastiruchi (17th century) [Hastiruci]. This text discusses different physical and mental ailments and contains various medicinal preparations using locally available drugs.

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The text "Vaidya Vallabha" written by Hastiruchi [Hastiruci], a jain scholar. It is belonging to the time period of 1673 AD 1726 AD. Different physical and mental ailments are addressed in 274 shlokas of 8 chapters. In this text many unique, special and simple medicinal preparations for different diseases are given and it is the highlight of the text.
Many drugs which were easily available in the local area are given much more importance in the treatment. Adding to this, method and uniqueness of naming of the disease in the text stands differently when compared to other texts. This text contains three sections, in the first section overview, glimpses of text "Vaidya Vallabha", medical manuscriptology, and ayurvedic pharmaceutics are explained elaborately. In the second section aetiology, pathogenesis, types, signs, symptoms and treatment of different diseases are narrated in eight chapters. At the end, in the third section posology, mishraka varga and rasa dravyas are explained, which helps to understand the second section very easily.
In total, this work of edited and translated text book of "Vaidya Vallabha" is a sincere effort of the authors which will save the treasure of knowledge of ancient Indian medical heritage. This work definitely enriches the knowledge of all readers, students, physicians, and research scholars of ayurveda fraternity.

Available pages:

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Contents of this online book (index):

The full text of the Vaidya Vallabha in English can be quickly summarized in the following table of contents. Becaue these pages are not available to read online, I would recommend you buy the book.

Part I: Introduction to Vaidya Vallabha
1 Overview on Vaidya Vallabha 1
2 Glimpses of Vaidya Vallabha 4
3 Medical Manuscriptology 8
4 Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics 25

Part II : Vaidya Vallabha
1 Jwara Chikitsa 33
2 Striroga Chikitsa 48
3. Kasa-Shwasa- Kshaya-Visphota- Pama-Dadru-Raktapitta Chikitsa 55
4 Purusartha Karana Adhikara 67
5 Guda roga- Antra Vrddhi-Pratikara 77
6. Udararoga-Kusta-Pliha-Hrdroga- Gluma-Jirna Jwara-Pandu-Kamaladi Pratikara 85
7. Shiroroga- Karnakshimukha-Gutha- Valaka-Shwana Visha-Pratikara 95
8 Shesha Prayoga Pratikara 108

Part III : Appendicies
Appendix-I Posology 126
Appendix-2 Mishraka Gana (Mixed classification of Drugs) 128
Appendix-3 Rasa Dravyas 132
Bibiliography 135

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