News: AutoHotkey script for Ancient Greek

Date: 2014, 29 August

As the title suggest, this new script is used for typing Ancient Greek characters. This is done by using a program called AutoHotkey. You will have to install the proper version for your system first. After you installed the program, you can download my script here. It is a zip file containing exactly one script. Extract the file somewhere and double-click it to run.


1) Requires disabling the AltGr key if your keyboard has one. For instructions on how to do this in windows, see answer by Bittenus: Alternatively, you can download my package containing the keyboard layout I created based on a  United States Internation keyboard (dutch language) layout. Use on your own risk. Always create backups first! See the link on how to make backups of your current keyboard layout.

2) A keyboard with the Right-WinKey.


Most characters use a combination of left and right CTRL/ALT keys, however, some characters, such as the 'perispomeni' and 'tonos' diacretics, use the WinKey. Some variants of these diacretics even use a Right-Winkey. So make sure your keyboard has a Right-WinKey if you want to use these diacritics.

I have used the following layout as an example to map characters I was unsure of how to map them: Suggestions are welcome!.


For a full table of characters that I have used as a (handy) refence, see:

(greek + coptic)
(greek extended)


Hotkeys using the WinKey do not work properly in Firefox :'(


Greek punctuation
q ; greek variant for the regular question-mark
Shift+q : regular colon
`; · greek variant for the regular semicolon


Regular greek characters
a α alpha [sml]
Shift+a Α alpha [cap]
b β beta [sml]
Shift+b Β beta [cap]
g γ gamma [sml]
Shift+g Γ gamma [cap]
d δ delta [sml]
Shift+d Δ delta [cap]
e ε epsilon [sml]
Shift+e Ε epsilon [cap]
z ζ zeta [sml]
Shift+z Ζ zeta [cap]
h η eta [sml]
Shift+h Η eta [cap]
u θ theta [sml]
Shift+u Θ theta [cap]
i ι iota [sml]
Shift+i Ι iota [cap]
k κ kappa [sml]
Shift+k Κ kappa [cap]
l λ lamba [sml]
Shift+l Λ lamba [cap]
m μ mu [sml]
Shift+m Μ mu [cap]
n ν nu [sml]
Shift+n Ν nu [cap]
j ξ xi [sml]
Shift+j Ξ xi [cap]
o ο omicron [sml]
Shift+o Ο omicron [cap]
p π pi [sml]
Shift+p Π pi [cap]
r ρ ro [sml]
Shift+r Ρ ro [cap]
w ς final sigma [sml]
Shift+w Σ final sigma [cap]
s σ sigma [sml]
Shift+s Σ sigma [cap]
t τ tau [sml]
Shift+t Τ tau [cap]
y υ upsilon [sml]
Shift+y Υ upsilon [cap]
f φ phi [sml]
Shift+f Φ phi [cap]
x χ chi [sml]
Shift+x Χ chi [cap]
c ψ psi [sml]
Shift+c Ψ psi [cap]
v ω omega [sml]
Shift+v Ω omega [cap]


Ancient Greek Alphabetically sorted list of characters

Alpha (mapped to 'a')
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+a ά alpha [sml] + tonos
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+Shift+a Ά alpha [cap] + tonos
Left-ALT+a alpha [sml] + dasia
Left-ALT+Shift+a alpha [cap] + dasia
Left-Winkey+a alpha [sml] + varia
Left-Winkey+Shift+a alpha [cap] + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+a alpha [sml] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+a alpha [cap] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+a alpha [sml] + dasia + oxia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+a alpha [cap] + dasia + oxia
Right-ALT+a alpha [sml] + psili
Right-ALT+Shift+a alpha [cap] + psili
Right-Winkey+a alpha [sml] + oxia
Right-Winkey+Shift+a alpha [cap] + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+a alpha [sml] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+a alpha [cap] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+a alpha [sml] + psili + varia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+a alpha [cap] + psili + varia
Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+a alpha [sml] + vrachy
Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+Shift+a alpha [cap] + vrachy
Left-ALT+Right-Winkey+a alpha [sml] + perispomeni
alpha [cap] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
Left-Winkey+Right-Winkey+a alpha [sml] + macron
Left-Winkey+Right-Winkey+Shift+a alpha [cap] + macron
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+a alpha [sml] + dasia + perispomeni
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+Shift+a alpha [cap] + dasia + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+a alpha [sml] + psili + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+Shift+a alpha [cap] + psili + perispomeni


Epsilon (mapped to 'e')
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+e έ epsilon [sml] + tonos
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+Shift+e Έ epsilon [cap] + tonos
Left-ALT+e epsilon [sml] + dasia
Left-ALT+Shift+e epsilon [cap] + dasia
Left-Winkey+e epsilon [sml] + varia
Left-Winkey+Shift+e epsilon [cap] + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+e epsilon [sml] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+e epsilon [cap] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+e epsilon [sml] + dasia + oxia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+e epsilon [cap] + dasia + oxia
Right-ALT+e epsilon [sml] + psili
Right-ALT+Shift+e epsilon [cap] + psili
Right-Winkey+e epsilon [sml] + oxia
Right-Winkey+Shift+e epsilon [cap] + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+e epsilon [sml] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+e epsilon [cap] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+e epsilon [sml] + psili + varia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+e epsilon [cap] + psili + varia
epsilon [sml] + vrachy *doesn't exist*
epsilon [cap] + vrachy *doesn't exist*
epsilon [sml] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
epsilon [cap] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
epsilon [sml] + macron *doesn't exist*
epsilon [cap] + macron *doesn't exist*
epsilon [sml] + dasia + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
epsilon [cap] + dasia + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
epsilon [sml] + psili + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
epsilon [cap] + psili + perispomeni *doesn't exist*


Eta (mapped to 'h')
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+h ή eta [sml] + tonos
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+Shift+h Ή eta [cap] + tonos
Left-ALT+h eta [sml] + dasia
Left-ALT+Shift+h eta [cap] + dasia
Left-Winkey+h eta [sml] + varia
Left-Winkey+Shift+h eta [cap] + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+h eta [sml] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+h eta [cap] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+h eta [sml] + dasia + oxia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+h eta [cap] + dasia + oxia
Right-ALT+h eta [sml] + psili
Right-ALT+Shift+h eta [cap] + psili
Right-Winkey+h eta [sml] + oxia
Right-Winkey+Shift+h eta [cap] + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+h eta [sml] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+h eta [cap] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+h eta [sml] + psili + varia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+h eta [cap] + psili + varia
eta [sml] + vrachy *doesn't exist*
eta [cap] + vrachy *doesn't exist*
Left-ALT+Right-Winkey+h eta [sml] + perispomeni
eta [cap] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
eta [sml] + macron *doesn't exist*
eta [cap] + macron *doesn't exist*
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+h eta [sml] + dasia + perispomeni
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+Shift+h eta [cap] + dasia + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+h eta [sml] + psili + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+Shift+h eta [cap] + psili + perispomeni


Iota (mapped to 'i')
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+i ί iota [sml] + tonos
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+Shift+i Ί iota [cap] + tonos
Left-ALT+i iota [sml] + dasia
Left-ALT+Shift+i iota [cap] + dasia
Left-Winkey+i iota [sml] + varia
Left-Winkey+Shift+i iota [cap] + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+i iota [sml] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+i iota [cap] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+i iota [sml] + dasia + oxia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+i iota [cap] + dasia + oxia
Right-ALT+i iota [sml] + psili
Right-ALT+Shift+i iota [cap] + psili
Right-Winkey+i iota [sml] + oxia
Right-Winkey+Shift+i iota [cap] + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+i iota [sml] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+i iota [cap] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+i iota [sml] + psili + varia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+i iota [cap] + psili + varia
Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+i iota [sml] + vrachy
Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+Shift+i iota [cap] + vrachy
Left-ALT+Right-Winkey+i iota [sml] + perispomeni
iota [cap] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
Left-Winkey+Right-Winkey+i iota [sml] + macron
Left-Winkey+Right-Winkey+Shift+i iota [cap] + macron
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+i iota [sml] + dasia + perispomeni
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+Shift+i Ἷ iota [cap] + dasia + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+i iota [sml] + psili + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+Shift+i iota [cap] + psili + perispomeni


Omicron (mapped to 'o')
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+o ό omicon [sml] + tonos
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+Shift+o Ό omicon [cap] + tonos
Left-ALT+o omicron [sml] + dasia
Left-ALT+Shift+o omicron [cap] + dasia
Left-Winkey+o omicron [sml] + varia
Left-Winkey+Shift+o omicron [cap] + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+o omicron [sml] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+o omicron [cap] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+o omicron [sml] + dasia + oxia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+o omicron [cap] + dasia + oxia
Right-ALT+o omicron [sml] + psili
Right-ALT+Shift+o omicron [cap] + psili
Right-Winkey+o omicron [sml] + oxia
Right-Winkey+Shift+o omicron [cap] + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+o omicron [sml] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+o omicron [cap] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+o omicron [sml] + psili + varia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+o omicron [cap] + psili + varia
omicron [sml] + vrachy *doesn't exist*
omicron [cap] + vrachy *doesn't exist*
omicron [sml] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
omicron [cap] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
omicron [sml] + macron *doesn't exist*
omicron [cap] + macron *doesn't exist*
omicron [sml] + dasia + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
omicron [cap] + dasia + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
omicron [sml] + psili + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
omicron [cap] + psili + perispomeni *doesn't exist*


Upsilon (mapped to 'y')
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+y ύ upsilon [sml] + tonos
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+Shift+y Ύ upsilon [cap] + tonos
Left-ALT+y upsilon [sml] + dasia
Left-ALT+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + dasia
Left-Winkey+y upsilon [sml] + varia
Left-Winkey+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+y upsilon [sml] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+y upsilon [sml] + dasia + oxia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + dasia + oxia
Right-ALT+y upsilon [sml] + psili
Right-ALT+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + psili (?)
Right-Winkey+y upsilon [sml] + oxia
Right-Winkey+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + oxia (?)
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+y upsilon [sml] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + psili + oxia (?)
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+y upsilon [sml] + psili + varia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + psili + varia (?)
Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+y upsilon [sml] + vrachy
Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + vrachy
Left-ALT+Right-Winkey+y upsilon [sml] + perispomeni
upsilon [cap] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
Left-Winkey+Right-Winkey+y upsilon [sml] + macron
Left-Winkey+Right-Winkey+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + macron
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+y upsilon [sml] + dasia + perispomeni
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+Shift+y upsilon [cap] + dasia + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+y upsilon [sml] + psili + perispomeni
upsilon [cap] + psili + perispomeni *doesn't exist*


Omega (mapped to 'v')
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+v ώ omega [sml] + tonos
Right-Winkey+Right-ALT+Shift+v Ώ omega [cap] + tonos
Left-ALT+v omega [sml] + dasia
Left-ALT+Shift+v omega [cap] + dasia
Left-Winkey+v omega [sml] + varia
Left-Winkey+Shift+v omega [cap] + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+v omega [sml] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+v omega [cap] + dasia + varia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+v omega [sml] + dasia + oxia
Left-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+v omega [cap] + dasia + oxia
Right-ALT+v omega [sml] + psili
Right-ALT+Shift+v omega [cap] + psili
Right-Winkey+v omega [sml] + oxia
Right-Winkey+Shift+v omega [cap] + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+v omega [sml] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Right-CTRL+Shift+v omega [cap] + psili + oxia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+v omega [sml] + psili + varia
Right-ALT+Left-CTRL+Shift+v omega [cap] + psili + varia
omega [sml] + vrachy *doesn't exist*
omega [cap] + vrachy *doesn't exist*
Left-ALT+Right-Winkey+v omega [sml] + perispomeni
omega [cap] + perispomeni *doesn't exist*
omega [sml] + macron *doesn't exist*
omega [cap] + macron *doesn't exist*
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+v omega [sml] + dasia + perispomeni
Left-CTRL+Left-ALT+Left-Winkey+Shift+v omega [cap] + dasia + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+v omega [sml] + psili + perispomeni
Right-CTRL+Right-ALT+Right-Winkey+Shift+v omega [cap] + psili + perispomeni


Some other keybindings:
ALT+Shift+1 ½
ALT+Shift+2 ¼
ALT+Shift+3 ¾
ALT+Shift+? ¿
Alt+c ©
Alt+CTRL+= ±

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