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Tool for converting between Malayalam and Unicode
Date: 2015, 19 August
I have released an online tool for the ancient Indian language spoken in Kerala, called Malayalam. You can convert between the Malayalam script and their Unicode representation in Latin characters, and back again. It features options for preserving Chillus, and an option to switch between archaic...
AutoHotkey script for Ancient Greek
Date: 2014, 03 April
As the title suggest, this new script is used for typing Ancient Greek characters. This is done by using a program called AutoHotkey. You will have to install the proper version for your system first. After you installed the program, you can download my script here. It is a zip file containing ex...
AutoHotkey script for easy unicode typing
Date: 2014, 03 April
The following script let's you type characters such as ȧ ā ṣ ś ṭ easily by using a program called AutoHotkey. You will have to install the proper version for your system first. After you installed the program, you can download my script here. It is a zip file containing exactly one script. Extrac...
Minor improvements in the Glossary
Date: 2012, 27 June
The glossary has been updated with some new cool CSS improvements and also has some minor functionality upgrades. One such upgrade is that the pages are now longer and support up 150 definitions per page. After every 50 items a new pagination bar is displayed so you never get lost. Another up...
February Update
Date: 2012, 26 February
Not much happened the past few weeks on the content, but i have been working on a new Chapter browsing tool. For starters, every chapter now has a small navigation box that says on the exact same position wherever you scroll! As you can see it contains the following new features you can ...
November updates
Date: 2011, 27 November
After seeing the movie "Thor", which i really liked by the way, i wanted to learn more on Norse mythology. One book i came across was the "The Prose Edda", which contains very interesting sources on Norse mythology and their Gods. Another one however was called the "...
Full-text search is here!
Date: 2011, 10 October
Just finished creating a full-text search that allows you to search every chapter of every book or article found here on WisdomLib. To search through the ever growing content, just select "Search glossary" from the drop-down like this: After you click on search, you will fin...
September Updates
Date: 2011, 27 September
For some time now I have been working on a translation of "The Prose Edda" (text on norse mythology), translated Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur. Now this is finally finished and you can read it here: Prose Edda. "The Prose Edda contains a wide variety of lore which a Skald (poet...
Updated fonts!
Date: 2011, 02 September
Just now i updated the look & feel of the site with some new cool fonts! Can you spot them? Anyway, hope you like them. Next update i will finish the full-text search and improve the overal double-click dialog.
Page functionality implemented
Date: 2011, 29 May
For quite a while i have been adding pages to several books, but they were not yet visible. Now i finally found the time to make a basic overview of pages, next to the full contents overview of certain books. It works very easy, just click on any page (hover it it see which chapter it is in!)...
Highlight Engine
Date: 2010, 18 October
Starting today, you can access a new feature, the 'highlight engine'. This happens automatically when you search for text; it hightlights the words you searched for in the resulting page. If, at any time, you want to modifiy this, you can click on the small X-icon (bottom right part of screen...
Enjoy the new Quick Search functionality
Date: 2010, 27 September
Enjoy this little quicksearch box, always present at the bottom of the page. Small and compact at first, but when you hover this, a searchbox will expand where you will be able to enter any search query you want. The results will display a maximum of 25 found items. When you click an item, an...
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