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Here you will find the overview of Scriptures we have of Mesopotamian. There are currently 3 Scriptures available to read online. This sums to a total of 9,719 words and 57,420 characters.

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added 2011-08-21
Sumerian text from the myth about the theft of the Tablet of Destinies by the Anzu bird. Here, Enki, the god of Sweet Waters, Magic and Wisdom, pokes fun at Ninurta, who is taught a lesson in humility by Enki enlisting the help of...
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added 2011-08-21
Myth also known as "Lugal-e" or "Oh Warrior King!". In it, Ninurta is feasting with the other gods, when he receives bad news from Sharur - his mace and loyal weapon, whose name means Smasher of Thousands, an a...
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added 2011-08-21
Ninurta is coming to Nippur for a visit to his father Enlil and mother Ninlil in full regalia. Such is the splendor of the young god that a messenger from Nippur comes to greet the young warrior god to say that his coming is so ma...
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