A fragment of the Babylonian 'Dibbara' epic

by Morris Jastrow | 1891 | 16,670 words

Translations and comments for text relating to Dibbara. (Anu gave the order to destroy all Human life to Dibbara, aka. Dibbarra)....

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Philology Literature and Archeeology.




VOL. 1.


1. Poetic and Verse Criticism ' of the Reign of Elizabeth. By Felix E. SCHELLING, A.M., Assistant Professor of English Literature ;gi.oo

2. A Fragment of the Babylonian " Dibbarra" Epic. By Morris Jastrow, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Arabic 6o

3. aHpos with the Accusative, b. Note on a Passage in the Antigone; By William A. Lamberton, A. M., Professor of the Greek Lai^uage and Literature 50

4. The Gambling Games of the Chinese in America. Fdn tdn and Pdk k6p pifi. By Stewart Culin, Secretary of the Museum of American Archaeology 40

[In preparation.]

The Terrace at Persepolis. By Morton W. Easton, Ph.D., Professor of Comparative Philology.

An Aztec Manuscript. By Daniel G. Brinton, M.D., Professor of American Archaeology and Linguistics.

A Monograph on the Tempest. By Horace Howard Furness, Ph.D., LL.D.

Recent Archaeological Explorations in New Jersey. By Charles C. Ab BOTT, M.D., Curator of the American Collections.

Archaeological Notes in Northern Morocco. By Talcott Williams, A.M., Secretary of the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities.

a. On the Aristotelian Dative, b. On a Passage in Aristotle's Rhetoric. By William A. Lamberton, A.M., Professor of the Greek Language and Literature.

A Hebrew Bowl Inscription. By Morris Jastrow, Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Arabic.

The Life and Writings of George Gascoigne. By Felix E. Schelling A.M., Assistant Professor of English Literature.  

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