A fragment of the Babylonian 'Dibbara' epic

by Morris Jastrow | 1891 | 16,670 words

Translations and comments for text relating to Dibbara. (Anu gave the order to destroy all Human life to Dibbara, aka. Dibbarra)....





al In-mar-ma-m e-ri-b[a]
u-ma-am sa-di-i u-se-ri-d [a]
e-ma kib-si
u-ma-am seri la u
re-bit ali

it-ta u-lam-man ma-ha-[za (?)]
a-na su-bat il [ani limnute (?)]
[murim] res limutti
ekal u
u-d [am-mik (?)]
tir (?)


lip-ti ni
sa sakkanaku bel
me-lam-me nam-ri-ir
il Ea ina absi [lihit (?)]
il Samsu (sic !) li-mur ma-har [su-nu]
il Sin lip-pa-lis-ma ana tukulti-su [nu] [lillik (?)]
as-su sip-ri sa-a-su ana Ea [ina absi]
lib-ba-a-ti im-ta-li
nis(?)-su as-su hu-bu-us pa
sa a-na su-uh-mud tak-li-me il [A-num (?)]
ina la a-dan-ni-su id-di [nu]
a-na sa-pan matati hul-lu-uk ni-se
il Ea sarru us-tam-ma-a a-ma-[ta]
adi sa it-bu rubu il Marduk sa um-ma-ni-su-nu-te
sal-me-su-nu sa ina nise ab-nu-u ana il
sa ilu la i-ir-ru i-di-hu-u
a-na um-ma-a-ni-su-nu-te lib-ba rap-sa
uz-ni is-ruk-su-nu-te-ma kata-su-nu [umalli (?)]
su-kut-ta sa-a-sa u-sa-an-bi-tu-ma sum-su kat (?)
ru-ra-du il Dibbarra mu-sa u ur-ra la na-[parku su]
u-zu-uz pa-nu [su-nu (?)]
bitu sa ana su-un-bu-ut su-kut-ti ana ma-li-kut
. . . . . i-ta-mu-u la ta-di-[hi]
. . . . . su . . . . . na (?)



The city Inmarmaru he entered
the animals of the mountain he brought down
with treading down . . . . .
they (?) destroyed
the animals of the field he did not . . . . .
the suburb of the city [he attacked (?)]
the boundary-wall he damaged and the city [he destroyed]
to the dwelling of the [wicked gods (?)]

the sources of evil . . [he proceeded]
he . favored (?)


may he open
which the high priest, ruler
magnificent splendor
Ea in the deep, [may he behold]
Samas, may he see their presence
Sin, may he look and to their help [come]
when this message unto Ea in the watery deep [came]
he was filled with wrath
lament (?) in order to humiliate (?)
which for the presentation of gifts Anu
out of season . granted
for the destruction of lands and the annihilation of men
Ea the king uttered the word
until that prince Marduk came on with his [numerous (?)] hosts
The image which I built among men for god . . .
to whom no god approaches, they drew nigh
to their hosts a wide heart [he gave]
their loins [he strengthened (?)]
understanding he gave them and their hands he filled [1]
that construction they built splendidly and its name . . .
the warrior Dibbarra night and day without interruption
stood fixed before them
the house which for the splendor of the construction, for the chiefs of . . .
. . . they spoke, do not thou approach

Footnotes and references:


I.e., sanctified them or gave them power.

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