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The Harsha-charita [...] Chapter I - The description of the Vatsyayana race
Update, 16 February, 2018: THUS runs the tale:-- In former days the Holy One, the Most High, enthroned... »»

The Harsha-charita [...] Chapter VI - The King's Vow
Update, 31 August, 2014: [195] Even as a conqueror, Death gathers his troop of heroes, Assembling th... »»

The Harsha-charita [...] Chapter VII - The Gift of the Umbrella
Update, 31 August, 2014: [226] To the vowed hero the earth is a courtyard pediment, the ocean a dyke... »»

The Harsha-charita [...] Chapter V - The Death of The Great King
Update, 31 August, 2014: [166] As the inconstant lightning, having shown a splendour, lets fall the ... »»

The Harsha-charita [...] Chapter IV - The Exposition of The Emperor's Birth
Update, 31 August, 2014: No alliance wish they even in dreams, they make no joining of hands; By the... »»

The Harsha-charita [...] Chapter III - The Exposition of The King's Ancestry
Update, 31 August, 2014: Raining affection on their country, thronged by many devoted people, Even a... »»

The Harsha-charita [...] Chapter II - The Visit to the King
Update, 31 August, 2014: IT is with a king of profound wisdom for those who have no means of access ... »»

The Harsha-charita [...] Chapter VIII
Update, 31 August, 2014: [259] As it produces at once all the objects which desire could ask, Even F... »»

The Harsha-charita [...] Title Page
Update, 31 August, 2014: The PANCHATANTRA of Vishnu Sharma (c.1199) translated by Arthur W. Ryder Ch... »»

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