Yogadrstisamuccaya of Haribhadra Suri (Study)

by Riddhi J. Shah | 2014 | 98,110 words

This page relates ‘Anudvega (non-disgust)’ of the study on the Yogadrstisamuccaya: a 6th-century work on Jain Yoga authored by Haribhadra Suri consisting of 228 Sanskrit verses. The book draws from numerous sources on traditional Yoga. Three important topics are stipulated throughout this study: 1) nature of liberation, 2) a liberated soul, and 3) omniscience.—This section belongs to the series “The Eight Yogadrishtis and the nature of a Liberated Soul”.

The tārā dṛṣṭi beholder is devoid of udvega. The word udvega is generally translated as anxiety, disgust, sulky, agitation etc. These words may convey the sense of udvega ordinarily but seem to be inappropriate in the present context. It is lines of Yogadīpikā, the commentary on Haribhadrasūri’s Ṣoḍaśaka, define the word udvega.

The lines are:

udvegaḥ = kaṣṭasādhyatājñānajanitamālasyam, yadvaśāt kāyakhedā'bhāve'visthānasthitasyaiva kriyāṃ kartumanutsāho jāyate, ku rvāṇo'pi tato na sukhaṃ labhate [1] |

It is Upādhyāya Yaśovijaya also who has explained the term udvega aptly in his work Dvātriṃśad Dvātriṃśikā.

He states that,

... = apravṛttasyaiva saklama udvega ucyate| || 18.14 || [2]

It is Nayalatā commentator who explains the word anudvega while commenting upon first verse of twenty second Dvātriṃśad Dvātriṃśikā.

He says that,

| pāralaukika praśastā'nuṣṭhāna pravṛttilakṣaṇe hitā''rambhe anudvegaḥ = … kaṣṭasādhyatājñānajanitā''lasyā'bhāvaḥ akhedasahitaḥ, tatāvidhatattvarūcivṛddhitaḥ ______ samādyate |
ata eva tajjanyaphalasiddhiḥ |
|| 22.1 || [3]

The subject in question shows his enthusiastically respectful involvement, which is free from weariness, towards spiritual activities carried out for betterment of next births. This is the state of the one who possesses anudvega.

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