Jain Science and Spirituality

by Medhavi Jain | 2020 | 61,419 words

This essay studies the elements of Jainism and investigates how Jain science and philosophy can give the world answers to through science and spirituality. Instead of interpreting it as a confined, strict philosophy, it is shown that Jainism represents a path towards self-awakening through self-improvement....

3.4. Preksha Meditation

‘Preksha reflection is the act of sanitizing the feelings and cognizant (chitta) and understanding the self. It helps in having a tranquil existence and is an arrangement of contemplation for attitudinal change, conduct adjustment and coordinated advancement of character.’[1]

This is the type of meditation for the people of modern times, formulated by Acharya Mahaprajna in the 1970s.

‘Preksha dhyana incorporates the two sorts of contemplation. Seeing against thinking is its initial segment. As it were observing the vibrations of the body. The human body is consistently dynamic. Our sound-related nerves are as a rule persistently assaulted by the sound waves originating from outside the body, to such an extent that we have next to no opportunity to prepare ourselves to hear the unobtrusive sounds created inside. The professional of Preksha contemplation needs to endeavour so as to hear these interior sounds. Preksha dhyana suggests this sort of unobtrusive recognition, a long ways past the methodology of our contemplations.’[2]

‘Reality you will land at in your thought in the second piece of Preksha, is anupreksha. It is the acknowledgment of the way that the human body is transitory. Preksha and anupreksha go hand in hand with one another, on two planes of a similar procedure. Both are help to the knowledge and comprehension of truth. Profound contemplation, a dispossessed mind and right reasoning are the basic components of Preksha dhyana.’[3]

Achieving the above mentioned states require continuous effort along with rigorous practice by the practitioner.

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