Jain Science and Spirituality

by Medhavi Jain | 2020 | 61,419 words

This essay studies the elements of Jainism and investigates how Jain science and philosophy can give the world answers to through science and spirituality. Instead of interpreting it as a confined, strict philosophy, it is shown that Jainism represents a path towards self-awakening through self-improvement....

4.4. Yoga and The Awakening of Cakras

One of the purposes of yogic practices is to tap into the source of boundless energy lying idle within, the energy centres that are located in different parts of the body are practised upon to get them activated. Once activated these cakras have the ability to transform one’s life.

But again one has to prepare oneself to deal with the same energy as it requires lots of strength.

‘There is a cakra in the body called the Sahasrara Cakra (The Pineal Gland). It is the focal point of vitality. If it is initiated by meditation, it produces strong electric flows. A fragile body can't contain them, it can make you crazy.’[1]

Hence even for sadhana one needs a healthy body from within and without.

Those who do yoga in form of asana know how much energy does it take. The breathing exercises like pranayama: anuloma-viloma, kapala-bharati and bhastrika may appear simpler as they are performed in sitting posture but they are not easy at all. One needs a lot of practise to do them for longer periods. For example: ‘Bhastrika Pranayama can be performed for a whole hour’[2] and it brings unbelievable good results, physical as well as spiritual.

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