Jain Science and Spirituality

by Medhavi Jain | 2020 | 61,419 words

This essay studies the elements of Jainism and investigates how Jain science and philosophy can give the world answers to through science and spirituality. Instead of interpreting it as a confined, strict philosophy, it is shown that Jainism represents a path towards self-awakening through self-improvement....

Yoga is the collective outcome of the mind, speech and physical activities hence it includes one’s whole life. However in today’s world it is only seen an asanas that help one in maintaining physical and mental discipline.

As the modern definition of yoga is ‘a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines.’[1] We make a mistake when we seek knowledge, spirituality and even the greater purpose of life in some particular books, discourses or in some other persona whereas each of these is an intricate part of our lives, happening to us each moment; all we need is to be awakened. Same is with yoga, in today’s world we have limited it only to the asanas whereas yoga is about living each moment of one’s life in a conscious state; be it Jaina yoga or Patanjali’s. The journey of which starts from the ethics and takes one to detailing of karma and eventually connects with the highest purpose of life.

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