Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra

by Helen M. Johnson | 1931 | 742,503 words

This page describes Reunion with Vegavati which is the thirtieth part of chapter II of the English translation of the Neminatha-caritra, contained within the “Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra”: a massive Jain narrative relgious text composed by Hemacandra in the 12th century. Neminatha in jainism is the twenty-second Tirthankara (Jina) and one of the 63 illustrious beings or worthy persons.

Part 30: Reunion with Vegavatī

Vegavatī’s nurse caught him. As he was carried by her, Śauri thought, “I think, indeed, that I am being taken through the air by bhāruṇḍas, like Cārudatta.” Released on a mountain, he saw Vegavatī’s feet and the chief of the Yadus came out of the bag, after observing them. Yādava embraced the fair-toothed girl who was crying, “Lord! Lord!” and asked her, “How did you find me?” Wiping away tears, she said:

“At that time because of a reversal of fortune, I did not see you on the couch, master, when I had risen from bed. As I was crying pitifully with the women of the household, the magic art Prajṭapti told me about your kidnaping and fall. Knowing nothing further, I reflected, ‘My husband, at the side of some sage, is calling a magic art by his power.’

After I had grieved over the separation from you for some time, with the king’s permission I wandered over the earth in search of you, master. I saw you in the temple of the eternal Arhats with Madanavegā and I followed you quickly when you reached the city from the shrine. Hidden there, I heard you call my name and because of your affection, I relinquished grief arising from the long separation.

From anger Madanavegā went to the interior of the house quickly and then Sūrpaṇakhī made a fire from the power of an herb. Then she in the form of Madanavegā seized you and I followed quickly to rescue you being carried by her. As I was standing below in the assumed form of Mānasavega, she, powerful from magic arts and herbs, saw me and reviled me.

As I fled from her to a shrine, I offended a muni. Then my magic arts were lost and at that time I met my nurse. Considering, ‘Where is my husband,’ I ordered my nurse (to search) and, as she wandered about, she saw you as you fell from the mountain. You, inside the bag, were seized by her speedily, lord, brought to the tīrtha, Paṭcanada, on Hrīmat and released.”

After hearing that, he stayed there with her in a hermitage.

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