Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra

by Helen M. Johnson | 1931 | 742,503 words

This page describes Birth of Purushottama which is the eleventh part of chapter IV of the English translation of the Anantanatha-caritra, contained within the “Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra”: a massive Jain narrative relgious text composed by Hemacandra in the 12th century. Anantanatha in jainism is one of the 63 illustrious beings or worthy persons.

Part 11: Birth of Puruṣottama

In the course of time Samudradatta’s soul fell from Sahasrāra, his life completed, and descended into Sītā’s womb. Then while she was asleep during the last of the night, she saw the seven great dreams indicating the birth of a Śārṅgabhṛt entering her mouth. When the time was completed she bore a son, the shining color of sapphire, marked with all the marks. On an auspicious day, the father gave the appropriate name, Puruṣottama, to the fourth Śārṅgabhṛt.

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