Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra

by Helen M. Johnson | 1931 | 742,503 words

This is the English translation of the Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Charita (literally “The lives of the sixty-three illustrious People”), a Sanskrit epic poem written by Hemachandra in the twelfth century. The work relates the history and legends of important figures in the Jain faith. These 63 persons include: the twenty four tirthankaras , the t...

Part 12: Śītala’s congregation

One hundred thousand monks, one hundred thousand and six nuns, fourteen hundred who knew the fourteen pūrvas, seventy-two hundred who had clairvoyant knowledge, seventy-five hundred who had mind-reading knowledge, seven thousand omniscient, twelve thousand with the art of transformation, fifty-eight hundred disputants, two hundred and eighty-nine thousand laymen, and four hundred and fifty-eight thousand laywomen formed the Lord’s retinue as he wandered.