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Part 11: Śītala’s messenger-deities (śāsanadevatās)

Originating in that tīrtha, a Yakṣa, named Brahmā, three-eyed, four-faced, with a lotus-seat, white, with four right arms of which three held a citron, hammer, and noose, and one was in the position bestowing fearlessness, and with four left arms holding an ichneumon, club, goad, and rosary; and Aśokā likewise originating there, the color of green gram, with a cloud for a vehicle, one right arm holding a noose and the other in boon-granting position; and one left arm holding a fruit and the other a goad, these two became the messenger-deities of the tenth Arhat. Attended by these two, Lord Śītala wandered for twenty-five, thousand pūrvas less three months.