Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Caritra

by Helen M. Johnson | 1931 | 742,503 words

This is the English translation of the Trishashti Shalaka Purusha Charita (literally “The lives of the sixty-three illustrious People”), a Sanskrit epic poem written by Hemachandra in the twelfth century. The work relates the history and legends of important figures in the Jain faith. These 63 persons include: the twenty four tirthankaras , the t...

Tattva 5: Āśrava (channels for acquisition of karma)

Five Senses

  1. Sparśendriya.
  2. Rasanendriya.
  3. Ghraṇendriya.
  4. Cakṣurindriya.
  5. Śrotrendriya.

Four Passions

  1. Krodha.
  2. Māna.
  3. Māyā.
  4. Lobha.

Violations of Mahāvratas

  1. Prāṇātipāta.
  2. Mṛśāvāda.
  3. Adattādāna.
  4. Abrahma.
  5. Parigraha.
  6. Manoyoga.
  7. Vacanayoga.
  8. Kāyayoga.

Twenty-five Minor Activities

  1. Kāyikī-kriyā, unrestrained bodily activity.
  2. Ādhikaraṇikī-kriyā, injury by weapons to animals.
  3. Prādveṣikī-kriyā, hatred for jīva and ajīva.
  4. Pāritapanikī-kriyā, causing injury to self or others from disgust with world, anger, etc.
  5. Prāṇātipātikī-kriyā, ill-usage of prāṇas.
  6. Ārambhikī-kriyā, beginning things such as ploughing, etc.
  7. Pārigrahikī-kriyā, acquiring money, etc.
  8. Māyāpratyapikī-kriyā, deceitful action.
  9. Mithyādarśanapratyapikī-kriyā, relying on false doctrine.
  10. Apratyākhyānikī-kriyā, failure to reject certain things.
  11. Dṛṣṭiki-kriyā, looking at something from love, etc.
  12. Spṛṣtikī-kriyā, touching with the hand.
  13. Prātītyakī-kriyā, action caused by karma.
  14. Sāmantopanipātikī-kriyā, pleasure from praise of possessions.
  15. Naisṛṣṭikī-kriyā, destruction of life by machinery, etc., at another’s order.
  16. Svāhastikī-kriyā, destruction of life through an animate or inanimate agent.
  17. Ānayanikī or ājñāpaniki-kriyā, profession of too much knowledge about tattvas, etc.
  18. Vaidāraṇikī-kriyā, making known others’ bad conduct.
  19. Anābhogikī-kriyā, absent-mindedness in taking or putting down objects.
  20. Anavakāṅksāpratyayikī-kriyā, practices causing strife in this world or next.
  21. Prāyogikī-kriyā, failure to observe 3 yogas.
  22. Samādāna-kriyā, action by which 8 karmas arise.
  23. Premikī-kriyā, affection arising from deceit and greed.
  24. Dveṣīkī-kriyā, hatred arising from conceit and anger.
  25. Īryāpathikī-kriyā, action arising from bodily activity of Kevalins.

See: First dvāra of Praśnavyākaraṇa.

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